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925er Sterling Silber
 - San Saru 925er Sterling Silber
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Gestein - San Saru Rekonstituiertes
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  • · ¡¡ATENCIÓN!!: Las piedras de esta pulsera pueden ser ligeramente distintas a las de la fotografía, ya que están hechas con Larimar, Piedra del Sol Marrón, Ágata Fucsia, Escolecita Blanca y Amatista, y estos materiales naturales pueden variar un poquito el color y ser diferentes de una pulsera a otra.
  • · Medida cadena: 19,50 cm
  • · Grosor cadena: 0,6 mm
  • · Ancho cadena: 3,4 mm
  • · Ranga - Palmera: Alto (14mm), Ancho (7,6mm), Grosor (1,3mm)
  • · Sharma - Piedra del Sol Marrón: Diámetro piedra (5mm), Diámetro total (7,8mm), Grosor (4mm)
  • · Himapaat - Copito: Diámetro (8,6mm), Grosor (1,7mm)
  • · Hiren - Escolecita Blanca: Diámetro piedra (5mm), Diámetro total (7,8mm), Grosor (4mm)
  • · Sheetal - Ballena: Alto (7,5mm), Ancho (12,4mm), Grosor (1,5mm)
  • · Kantu - Larimar: Alto piedra (5,7mm), Alto total (11,5mm), Ancho piedra (4,1mm), Ancho total (6,5mm), Grosor (4,3mm)
  • · Shabi - Chapita Om: Diámetro (8,7mm), Grosor (1,3mm)
  • · Sourabh - Ágata Fucsia: Alto piedra (5,7mm), Alto total (11,3mm), Ancho piedra (4,1mm), Ancho total (6,5mm), Grosor (4,3mm)
  • · Baik - Bicicleta: Alto (11mm), Ancho (13,5mm), Grosor (1,9mm)
  • · Suraksha - Amatista: Alto piedra (6,1mm), Alto total (10,7mm), Ancho piedra (4,2mm), Ancho total (6mm), Grosor (3,4mm)
  • · Pawan - Avión: Alto (13,4mm), Ancho (12,4mm), Grosor (1,8mm)
  • · Separación entre piezas: 10,4 mm
  • · Material: Plata de Ley 925
  • · En la imagen: La tercera pulsera empezando por arriba.
  • · Junto con: Las pulseras BALU y SURESHA. No incluidas en el precio.

Rückgabe & Umtausch

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Rückgabe und Umtausch sind innerhalb von 14 Tagen nach Erhalt des Produkts möglich.

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Harpreet customizable necklace with silver ball chain

The HITESH is a long linked  bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver. This bracelet is part of our travel collection, to which you can add up to 4 pieces in total.

The pendants are divided into 5 stones and 6 shapes. You can customize it as you want and combine from 1 to 4 pieces that you like the most. Each of these pieces reminds us of different emotions and landscapes from when we travel, choose the ones that most remind you of your travels and carry those feelings with you always.

The pendants are handmade and each one of them has a super special meaning: 

HIMAPAAT (Snowflake) and HIREN (white ellagita): The shape of a snowflake and the color of the stone remind us of countries where cold prevails and snowy mountains are found.

SHEETAL (Whale) and Kantu (Larimar): The whale shape and the blue color of the Larimar stone, make you relive all the moments and adventures that you have lived at sea, for lovers of the underwater world.

SHABI (OM) AND SOURABH (Fuchsia Agate): The OM symbol, reminds of the culture and philosophy that some countries have. Fuchsia Agate reminds us of the vivid colors that predominate in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco and many more. For lovers of knowing other cultures.

RANGA (Palm tree) and SHARMA (brown sun stone): Both the palm tree and the brown color and the golden flashes of the stone, will remind you of the sand on the beach between your feet, of walks in the desert or the adventures that you lived in the savannah.

PAWAN (Airplane): Carry all your travels, experiences and memories forever with the airplane-shaped pendant.

BAIK (Bicycle): Has a big city marked you? This piece in the shape of a bicycle is inspired by the adventures of the big cities and the beautiful walks in the countryside at sunset.

SURAKSHA (Amethyst): This pendant is inspired by nature, colorful fields and sunsets that leave you speechless.

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