What is the size of the necklaces?

You will find a description of each necklace, with its size, as we have several designs with different sizes. All the necklaces have an adjustable chain that can be adjusted according to your style. And depending on the necklace, some have one extension and the others have another extension. For instance, the chokers are 27.7cm with an extension of 10cm, 33cm with an extension of 10cm and 38cm with an extension of 4cm. Most necklaces with pendant are 38 cm long with an extension up to 45 cm. We also have 40cm necklaces with an extension of up to 45cm. For the necklaces DARU you can choose the size of the chain you want. If you want to have a longer chain with the necklaces that have a pendant, we also offer you the option to buy a longer chain as an extra. You can find this information in the characteristics of each necklace. On the description of the product, you'll be able to find out the size of any necklace. If you want a special size for a particular necklace, please let us know and we will try to find a solution.

How can I find out my ring size?

We have a size guide that you can see here.

How do you put on the bracelets and the earrings?

Enter here and read how to put on the bracelets and earrings.

As for the earrings, is the specified price for the pair of earrings or is just one unit included in the price?

Most of our earrings include the pair. Here you have some clues to find out whether you're buying the pair or just one unit.

  • Take a look at the product’s description, since all of them specify whether you're buying the pair or just one unit.
  • Another clue is the product’s picture. If the product in the picture with the white background has two earrings, it means that you'll be buying the pair. However, if the picture only has one earring, it means that you'll be just buying one unit.
  • And finally you can tell by the name of the product, if you see "earrings" in plural, it means you'll be buying both earrings. However, if you see "earring" in singular, it will be only one. Except for the "piercings" where you'll find the word written in singular but you'll be buying a pair of piercings.

Therefore, the price could be for the pair of earrings or for a single unit. It depends on the points listed above.

Can I order jewelry even if it is not on the website?

Currently we are not taking special orders. You can send us an e-mail with your request though, and we will do whatever we can to make it come true!

How does jewelry arrive and how many boxes will I get?

The jewelry you have ordered will arrive inside the San Saru boxes. You'll get a box for every three jewelry pieces.



Can I make the purchase by phone?

Sure! Just call us on +34 938 536 044. If we don’t answer your call because we are out of the office, don’t hesitate to write us on WhatsApp +34 644 298 331 email us to arrange a telephone call.

How can I make sure I have correctly placed my purchase order?

You just need to check whether a confirmation e-mail from San Saru has arrived to the e-mail address you specified when placing your order. If you haven't received any e-mail, please check your spam folder, since it may be there. If you are still not sure, please contact us so that we can confirm whether it was done properly or not.

How can I use the discount vouchers?

Once you click on “Checkout” in the cart, you will see a field (in the pink area at the right) labelled “Gift card or discount code”. This is where you will have to type in the code and click on “Apply.” If you are doing it from a mobile phone, once you click on "Finish order", you have to click where you see "Show order summary". Below you'll have a box where you can see "Gift card or discount code". There you will have to type in the code and click on the arrow on the right. You cannot apply two discount codes at the same time, only one is allowed.

Do you have a physical store?

Currently we do not have a physical store, but our office is in Mataró. If you live nearby or you’re coming to visit Barcelona, do not hesitate to arrange an hour with us to be able to come to the office and see, try and buy your jewelry. Text us on WhatsApp +34 644 298 331.

What does it mean when a product is “out of stock”?

It means that at that moment we have no more stock of that product and it is no longer available. If you want, you can enter your e-mail in the product to receive a notification as soon as it is available again. If the product is still shown on the website, we will have it back in stock.

There was a jewelry piece on the website that is no longer there. Will you have it again?

If a product is no longer shown on the website, it means we will not have it again. But if you really liked it, just write to us and we will do everything in our power to have it once again for you.


Can I pay cash on delivery?

We do not offer this payment method, but you can make your purchase via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

What payment methods do you offer?

When purchasing on the website you can pay via PayPal or credit card.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Sure! Get in touch with us at  info@sansarushop.com.

Do you allow returns or exchanges?

Of course! Besides, the first exchange or return in the Spanish mainland is free. For more information about returns, click here and follow the steps.



Where do you ship?

Worldwide, except Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, north of Macedonia and Singapore.

Do you ship to the Canaries, Melilla and Ceuta?

Of course! We have not forgotten about you!

How long will my order take to arrive?

It depends on where you are ordering from and the method of shipment you choose. For shipments to Spain mainland there are two types of shipment, one that takes 3/4 days and the other one takes 24/48 hours. If your order is to the Balearic Islands, Portugal, Germany, France or Italy, the shipping time is 4/6 days. If it is to the rest of Europe it is 5/10 days. To the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla it will take about 10/12 working days. And to the rest of the world, it will take about 10/15 days. You can also check all the information about the shipments here.

NOTE:  All delivery times will start counting from the day after the order has been placed. Every day is counted in working days. In case the order does not meet the deadline set and indicated here, San Saru S.L. is not responsible as it will be an error of the transport company.

What is the shipping cost?

It depends on where you want us to ship your order to. To find out about the costs, check out our shipping guide.

What company are packages delivered with?

We use different transport companies. We work with Nacex, Seur, DHL, Ups and with the Post. To find out with what company we will ship your order, depending on where you live, take a look at our shipping table here.

Can I find out the status of my order?

Once the package leaves our office, you will receive an email where you will see the option "See follow-up", once you click on it, you will see a map and below you will see your "Tracking number". Click on the link that you'll find just below and you will be able to see the tracking within the transport company's website. The transport company will get in touch with you through SMS or mail, it will give you a delivery date and a contact number so that you can make any kind of consultation or specify the delivery time with them. Therefore, it is important that you enter your phone number and mail correctly when placing the order.

If you do not receive the follow-up SMS/mail once the order preparation period has passed, please contact us and we will send you your tracking number.

Shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla these will not receive a shipping number. If you want to know your shipping number and see the tracking of the package, please contact us at info@sansarushop.com.

If you have any other question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have any more questions?

Ask us.