How to take care of your silver jewelry

How to take care of your silver jewelry

We want your silver jewelry to look always like the first day. So it is important to know how to take care of your jewelry so that that it keeps shining and glowing like the first day. There are many factors that can cause jewelry to get dirty. But the advantage of Sterling Silver 925 is that it never loses its initial qualities. Sterling Silver is definitely the queen of metals!

Therefore, our advice is to wear your jewelry daily. Do not be afraid of your jewelry pieces getting dirty, because they can be cleaned very easily. Below you'll find our best tricks to make your silver jewelry stay bright.

How to take care of silver

There are many tips on how to take care of silver so it doesn't become dark, but if we would follow all the recommendations about everything that should be avoided, we could not wear our favorite jewelry everyday.

As you may already know, some of the common tips are: avoiding the contact of silver with sweat, perfumes or creams, protecting the jewelry from seawater and from corrosive agents (detergents, dishwashers, disinfectants...) plus a long list of other stuff we actually do every day.

So taking into account that we want to enjoy our silver jewelry, we leave you here a little guide of tips that we usually follow. You will see how easy and effective they are!

Wear your jewelry often

Use your jewelry and do not pay too much attention to what you “should avoid”: Take a shower, bathe in the sea, put on some perfume and do sports if you like to. If the silver does get dark, you'll just clean it up!

However, if you have to take on weight with your hands on a daily basis, we do advise you to remove your rings, so as not to deform them.

When you clean, you're cleaning your jewelry too

When you wash your hands with soap you make the silver clean and shiny too.

When you are cleaning, the jewelry gets cleaned too, but there are some corrosive products like bleach that are not recommended to be used with the jewelry on. It is better to take off your jewelry while using it. This way you will avoid a possible reaction and you will also avoid the silver turning black.

Don't be afraid if your silver gets black

When jewelry is exposed to some products, it can become dark. Or sometimes it is just the ph of our skin which makes the jewelry lose its shine. But still, do not be afraid, as silver can be cleaned.

Silver care tips

The following tips on how to take care of silver are very easy and handy to keep your jewelry as well cared for as possible.

We believe that a piece of jewelry is there to be enjoyed, so wear it always.

We work with 925 Sterling Silver for its quality. It allows you to wear your jewelry every day and to do all those kind of "forbidden" things while wearing other types of jewelry. Silver will never lose its original properties!

For that reason, we encourage you to enjoy your jewelry without worrying. And yes, it is likely that over time and use, your jewelry will be scratched and darkened. But when that happens, just take a look at our article on “How to Clean 925 Sterling Silver”, where you will find some quick and easy methods to get your jewelry back to its best state.  

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