How to clean Sterling Silver?

There are several ways to clean up 925 Sterling Silver, but here we explain the first two options that have given us the better results :)

Of all the methods there is, the fastest and most practical way is to clean your silver jewelry with Aladdin Sidol. This product is sold in almost all supermarkets and it is really cheap, it does not reach 3 euros.

Once you have the product, you only need a piece of cotton (Aladdin Sidol) and you have to rub your silver jewelry. When the jewelry piece is finally bright and shiny, clean it with paper and remove all the remaining product. Finally, rinse the jewelry piece with soap and water and dry it with a soft cloth. It is advisable to do this with gloves, since the product is corrosive.

Be careful if there are stones on the jewelry pieces. This product should not touch the gemstones as it could damage them.

You can watch a video with information on how to clean your silver jewelry with Sidol by clicking here or playing it down here :)


The following method works very well too - especially for 925 Sterling Silver chains. To clean your jewelry this way, you will need baking soda, hot water, a cotton cloth and aluminum foil. For this method you will need to heat the water. Put the aluminum foil in a bowl, with the matt part of the paper facing down and add the hot water with two tablespoons of baking soda. Finally put the jewelry in the water. You will only have to wait a few minutes while you stir the jewelry pieces and then dry them well with a cotton cloth. You can repeat the process in case the jewelry is still not clean after your first try.

If you use this method, you will have to be careful if the jewelry has darkened silver. If the jewelry is designed with a relief or a depth achieved with black or darker shades, using this method the shades will completely disappear. This is why we basically recommend it for chains. But if you have jewelry pieces that are completely made of silver (without darkened parts as shown on the picture) you can use this method.

Watch the following video on how to clean silver with baking soda. Just click here or play it down here:


Finally, if you are looking for more methods and tricks for your jewelry to remain bright as the first day, do not hesitate to visit our extensive post on "How to clean 925 Sterling Silver". There you will find some other tips and our own methods. Just choose the one that best suits you!