And to celebrate it... We will make something BIG!🤭

Every day at 19h (CET), From February 7th to February 13th, we will give 100 jewelry pieces or jewelry boxes for free.

Save the dates!

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✨How to get them?✨

Prepare your cart with your favourite jewelry 💍

In order to get your free product, your purchase needs to include at least one jewelry piece. Remember! Your order has to be one of the first 100 purchases starting at 19h (CET) from February 7th to February 13th.

Anillo Ananda con Piedra Luna

Check your cart to see if your free product appears. ✨

If your cart is ready before 19h (CET), don't forget to refresh the website to make sure that the product appears in your order.

If you refresh it and you can't see the free product in your cart, it means that 100 people already got it before you.🥺


Anillo Ananda con Piedra Luna

Hurry up and complete your purchase!🏃‍♀

Even if the gift is in your cart, you can't be sure it's yours until you complete the purchase. If in the last step there's an error, it means that it's already sold out. Remember that there are only 100 units of each jewelry pieces or jewelry boxes, so hurry up! 

Anillo Ananda con Piedra Luna


Valid promotion from February 7th to February 13th, every day at 19h CET while stocks last (100 units per day).