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Short Necklaces

The most expected silver short necklace


Find the short necklace that better suits your style

If you are looking for short necklaces that look really nice, at San Saru we have different styles. All of them made of 925 Sterling Silver and they all have an extender to adjust them to different sizes.

Do you need help to find the perfect silver short necklace?

You cannot decide? We have short necklaces that will never go out of fashion, which are a must in our jewelry box and which look great with anything you wear. We can help you if you have any doubts about which short necklace to get. Combine it with other kind of necklaces and accessories. If you do not follow us on social networks yet, do so and take a look at the nice ideas we give you on Instagram and Facebook. We'll be happy if you tag us, so we can see how good your short necklace and other San Saru accessories look on you. We look forward to seeing your pictures!

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