Jewel tips

How should you care for your jewels?

In order for your Sterling Silver jewels to look just like they did on day one, you just need to follow the simple steps below.

There are many things that can stain silver jewels, but one advantage of Sterling Silver is that it is very easy to clean and always maintains its properties like the first day.

Many websites indicate that silver should not be sprayed with perfume, that contact with sweat should be avoided, advise against dipping it in the sea and a long list of things you do every day in order to keep it stain-free. But use is not the only thing that can get your jewel dirty – just your skin’s PH or the contact with a chemical may blacken it. If we strictly complied with all the “don’ts” of silver, we would be unable to wear jewels on our daily lives.

In our experience – and having worn silver jewels our entire lives – we believe that a jewel exists to be enjoyed every day, which is why we work with 925 Sterling Silver. These jewels can be worn every day, and we do all those things that are “forbidden” for all kinds of jewels, but still the silver looks just like on the first day.

We challenge what people usually say and encourage you to live your daily lives without worrying about your jewels, to enjoy them as much as you can. I do know that it might get scratched or darkened, but as already said, it is very easy to clean it so that it looks its best. Below, you can read how.


How to clean 925 Sterling Silver?

There are many ways to clean Sterling Silver, but here is the one that works the best for us, and that we believe is the best :)

There is a product called Sidol Aladdin that they sell in almost any supermarket and is very cheap, since its price is less than three euros. When you have it, moisten a piece of cotton with this product and rub your jewelry (if it has gemstones, be careful; it is best if the product does not touch the stone, since it may damage it). Once you have rubbed the product, rub the jewel with toilet paper to remove the product. Finally, wash the jewel with water and soap, and dry it with a dishcloth.

You can see a video on how to clean it by clicking here or below :)

We also have a video how to clean the chains, remember that this method can only be used in chains of 925 Sterling Silver and not in the other pieces:


How should you care for your jewels?

We advise that when you are not wearing your jewels, you store them in a place away from the sun. The best you can do to make sure they are protected when you are not wearing them is to put them away in your San Saru box. And whenever you have more than one jewel, put them away separately in organza bags, just like the ones you got with your order.

Another important thing when putting away your necklaces and bracelets is to always lock the chain before putting them away, to prevent them from getting tangled up.

We also advise you to keep your jewel box away from your bathroom, since the moisture may darken them, and it is better to keep them on top of your chest of drawers, moisture-free :)


How do you put Bali earrings on?

Bali earrings are very easy to put on when they are big, but it can be quite difficult for those that are smaller than 16mm (0.63”). This is because there is not much space to maneuver them. They may seem uncomfortable, but they are actually the most comfortable earrings you can wear, given that once you put them on, they won’t bother you while sleeping, and they don’t get lost, unless you pull hard on them or are improperly locked.

In order to put on the smallest Bali earrings, first you need to open them. Once opened, you need to mold the thin part until it coincides with the whole, and patiently place them on your ears in front of a mirror.  Click here to see how you put them on.

How do you put piercings on?

The piercings we carry are very simple to put on, since all you need to do is to remove the stud from the inside of the ball, and then put it on and snap it closed once again. 

The earring is quite moldable, so it will adjust to your use when you put it on, carefully. You can wear it and it will adapt to the aperture you need.  

You can see a video on how to put on your piercings by  clicking here or below :)

How do you put Bali bracelets on?

Bali bracelets seem harder to put on than they really are; simply open them and slide them on your wrist. Once inside, press again to close it. Click here or below :)

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