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  • · Front height: 17,3 mm
  • · Back height: 3 mm
  • · Front thickness: 6,7 mm
  • · Back thickness: 1,2 mm
  • · Gemstone height: 8,9 mm
  • · Gemstone width: 6,9 mm
  • · Gemstone: Onyx
  • · Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • · On the picture: The ring on the index finger.
  • · Together with: The rings URA, TRIPAL TEER and the midi ring AYAN. Not included in the price.

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Kintan Onyx Stone Silver Ring

The KINTAN is a beautiful, flashy ring made of an Onyx Stone and 925 Sterling Silver. This oval piece has an intense black color.

The design of the KINTAN is characterized by highlighting the Onyx stone. The silver base is very thin and it recreates silhouettes with braided lines and silver balls.

The KINTAN is small-medium sized; we recommend wearing it on the index, middle or ring finger. Combine it with other rings in different sizes and shapes and create an amazing combination.

Handmade - San Saru Handmade
925 Sterling
Silver - San Saru 925 Sterling
Exchanges and returns - San Saru Exchanges and returns
stone - San Saru Natural
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