👀  Do you know what (im)perfect jewelry is?👀

At San Saru we believe in second chances, that is why we wanted to give a second life to the jewelry that has some imperfection. The imperfections are really small and almost imperceptible. When the jewelry arrives from the workshop, they are discarded and they would have to go through a whole manufacturing process that wastes resources. Instead of that, we prefer to give them away for free so that you can wear them. For us, they are still beautiful jewelry and perfection exists in the difference.
It is unique jewelry just like you!

Thank you for giving a second life to our (im)perfect jewelry

👀 Don't forget that…👀

- The 15% discount is valid for all products on the entire website and is automatically applied in the cart.
- The (im)perfect jewelry have limited stock. Hurry up! 🏃‍♀️
- Did you choose the wrong (im)perfect jewelry category or have you selected more than one? In your cart you can remove all the (im)perfect jewelry piece you want, remember that there can only be one left in your cart to preceed with the payment.
- You have to add to your cart at least one jewelry piece of the website to be able to get a free (im)perfect jewelry piece! 💍
- You can only choose one type of (im)perfect jewelry piece, otherwise you will not be able to proceed with the payment.
- If you can't add an (im)perfect jewelry piece,it means that there is no more stock.
- The (im)perfect jewelry piece cannot be returned or exchanged once the order has been completed.
- Discount valid until November 1 at 23.59 and free imperfect jewelry piece available while stock lasts. ⏳