When we talk about the creation of our jewelry, we include all the artisan processes: from the materialisation of the idea to the final result. The path of imagining and giving life to a piece of jewellery is our daily routine.

Thus, the creative process begins with the approach and the creation of the first sketches. We put down on paper everything we have in mind until we conceive the final idea, working on each design with the maximum effort and care.

Each sketch is perfected and revised one by one. We create every piece with detail and care, projecting our essence from the initial design to the final product. Each piece of jewellery carries a little bit of all of us.



Once the sketch has been drawn up and defined, the 3D modelling of the jewellery begins. Using specialised computer programmes, a hyper-realistic version of the jewellery is created, taking into account even the smallest detail.

When the piece is ready and all the measurements are correct, the rendering is carried out. Through this process we generate an image or video of the jewel in 3D so that we can visualise it with the chosen material, finish and/or stone.

Once the piece is rendered, we materialise the jewel in wax using our 3D printer. This is used to produce an original of the piece, and now it's time to bring it to life and make it a reality!



Once we have cast our "original" piece, the final touches are made manually if the piece requires it. Once the final model has been validated, the rubber moulds are made to manufacture the necessary wax pieces that will form part of the so-called "tree".

This structure of branched pieces is placed in a cylinder where it is then filled with plaster. When the gypsum has solidified, it is introduced into a specific furnace where the wax melts and a negative is left inside the gypsum cylinder. This negative has entrances that are used to introduce the 925 Sterling Silver in its liquid state. Once it has cooled, the plaster is removed and the tree we had at the beginning is left in wax but this time in silver.

Finally it goes through a cutting and polishing process. After this process, depending on each piece, we make the final finishes, from the setting of a stone if it has one, to the gold plating.

However, the process of creating the chains is very different.

To create the chains, machines are used to spin the silver. It is a meticulous work of heavy machinery, these do various types of work depending on the finish we want, depending on the links, measures, if we want to put balls or any other finish.

All the processes are carried out with great care and in a very artisan way. Our aim is to guarantee the quality of each piece of jewellery and that they all maintain their essence. They are designed and treated with a lot of love, affection and enthusiasm, and we want to give you a little piece of us in each one of them!