Anillos con piedras

Gemstone rings

Natural stone rings


Gemstone rings with natural stones in different colors

Rings with natural green, turquoise, black, blue and red stones. They are ideal to be worn with any look and they add color to your hands. Additionally, all stone rings are made from silver and they are made with natural stones. We guarantee the durability of the ring.

Each stone ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver

These gemstone rings can be worn daily and on any special occasion. They are very comfortable and, despite the size of some of the rings, you will not notice them when you wear them. You can choose among fine rings with stones or thicker rings. All of them have a boho and very original style. All our rings are made with natural stones such as Aquamarine, Amazonite, Moonstone, Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Onyx, Blue Topaz, Howlite, Ruby, Turquoise and natural minerals such as Opal, Abalone and Mother-of-pearl.

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