Collection: Bangles

San Saru silver bracelet is perfect for any occasion

Each bangle is unique, some of the bangles have the central part wider than its ends and others have the same measures in all its parts. We believe that these pieces are to wear them on your most special days, they are super beautiful and eye-catching bangles.

Get ready because our Bali bangles have a lot of personality

As you already know, Bali bangles, with their shape and their characteristic silver beads, are perfect for any special occasion or for everyday wear. Find out our products and find the piece that best suits your style.

Wear the 925 Sterling Silver bangles with other bracelets and jewelry, they have a super combinable design and style.

Check out our Instagram to discover how to combine these precious jewels in your day-to-day life. All our jewels are special, with soul, personality and handmade by us with love.