San Saru: the team, our Manifesto, and more.

San Saru is a family full of talent, hopes and dreams. A young team that works together, not only to offer the most authentic jewelry, but also the best online service.

Thanks to the team, all our products are designed and delivered with a soul, love and a lot of care. The hands of our team members are present in the whole process, they are full of illusion, work and passion. And they treat each piece with an impeccable delicacy, leaving a little bit of themselves in each jewelry piece.

This very special team is made up of twenty-three people: seventeen women, four men and two charming little dogs. Are you wondering if they work with us? Well, they do. Our doggy friends are two more team members.

First, we have our super women of the order department who are in charge of assembling the jewelry and preparing all packages. They carry out the whole process by hand, adding a little touch of love and a few grams of warmth to each box. And they have the best leader managing their tasks. If anything can go right, with them it will!

Then we have our multi-tasking customer service. They solve all your questions, suggestions, complaints or concerns. Have you ever talked to them? If so, we'll agree that they are lovely.

And what about our boys? They are in charge of all the management and computer development: applications, programs, infrastructure, web operation, etc. As a curious fact, among their unofficial tasks, they like to surprise us and make us happy with their comments and crazy ideas. They are unique!

Next we have our It Girls of photography, design and marketing. Thanks to their careful and detailed work, San Saru has a close and very special image that we absolutely love. And how far can these girls go? As far as they want. Their creativity has no limit.

And the the pillars of the San Saru Family could not be missing. Two great role models to follow in both the personal and professional areas. They are the living example of humility, closeness, hard work and passion. With this extra clue, you will surely know of whom we are talking about!

Last, "La Ofi", how we call our office, would not be the same without our supporters: India and Asia. They are pure joy and sweetness. If you need a hug, a cuddle, a little distraction or a little fun, you just have to call them. And if you have some food for them, they'll be yours!


The words "San Saru" come from the Asian culture, specifically from Japan. This term is known as “the three wise monkeys”, and it means symbolically "seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil.”

We love its meaning, and it's our way of looking at life. We also like to add our personal and optimistic touch by turning the concept around: "do good, listen to good and speak the good". Keeping the positive side of things is our philosophy, no doubt.

We believe in the values of people, in what makes them unique and special. We fight for a better world, where generosity, humility and above all, love and respect prevail over everything else. Making the world a sustainable, pure and love-filled place.

Be positive, respect, empathize, love, express without stepping, fly and let fly, live and dream, dream big.

Here is a little manifesto created by the San Saru Family at the office. Some phrases and statements we believe in:

Manifiesto San Saru