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Piedra labradorita: conoce nuestras piedras naturales

Labradorite stone: Get to know our natural stones

Labradorite stone is a unique mineral, it displays different tones depending on the light or according to the cut of the stone. The tones can c...

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Piedra Turquesa: conoce nuestras piedras naturales

Turquoise Stone: Get to know our Natural Stones

Turquoise Stone is a blue-to-green mineral that has us in love. Some of our Silver and Gold jewelry is designed with this beautiful blue stone. I...

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Tipos de piercings y agujeros

Types of piercings and ear holes

Types of piercings and ear holes - tips, information and the most beautiful and original piercings!

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Mano de Fátima: joyas y su significado

Hamsa: The Jewelry and Its meaning

The Hamsa is one of the most mystical symbols all around the world. And for sure, this sign is included in our jewelry collection. Find out its t...

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Regalos para el Día de la Madre

Mother’s Day Gifts

  As every year, the day of the most important, special and brave person we know is coming up soon. The person who is by our side no matter what,...

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Tendencias en joyas para primavera

Jewelry Trends for Spring

  Good weather is coming and we are sure that you can’t wait to show off your best looks and jewelry! Spring is the pe...

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Collares para hombre de plata de ley

Necklaces for men

Necklaces for men are a trend that has now come to stay. It is becoming more and more common to see many men wearing a wide variety of pendant...

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Los tres monos sabios: símbolo de San Saru

The three wise monkeys: symbol of San Saru

The three wise monkeys are the symbol of San Saru because of their meaning and the values they transmit. When we discovered this "figure" in As...

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Piedra Cuarzo Rosa: conoce nuestras piedras naturales

Rose Quartz: Get to know our Natural Stones

Rose Quartz is a semi-precious stone with pink colouringthat we absolutely adore. We have many jewels with this gemstone because of its beauty, m...

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Árbol de la Vida: joyas y su significado

Meaning of the Tree of Life and Jewels

The tree of life is a mystical and symbolic charm that appears in many legends. It's a symbol that we love for its meaning and that's why it's ...

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Pendientes largos para esta Navidad

Long earrings for christmas

  For Christmas we want you to shine with your San Saru jewelry. That’s why we are going to propose to you some beautiful and easy combos with nic...

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Guía de regalos de Navidad

Christmas gift guide

Have you thought about what to gift for Christmas? We make it easy for you with this Christmas Gift Guide! Find the perfect jewelry gift.

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