Meaning of the Tree of Life and Jewels

Colgante Árbol de la Vida Plata

The tree of life is a mystical and symbolic charm that appears in many legends. It's a symbol that we love for its meaning and that's why it's part of our San Saru jewels. People think that this amulet attracts positive energy, and the most mystical people believe that it protects against negativity and evil.

The San Saru family “says the good, sees the good and hears the good”. That is why we feel very represented by this symbol and it could not be missing among our jewels.

What does the tree of life mean?

The tree of life represents the cycle of life. The roots and trunk symbolize the bases and values that will remain with us for the rest of our lives.

The branches symbolize the decisions and choices we make throughout our lives, all the obstacles we overcome and the learning we get from it. That is why it’s a representation of personal growth, improvement and progress. If you are a very introspective person, the tree of life is your amulet!

The tree of life also represents the union between human beings and the natural environment. In order to grow and evolve, there must be harmony between people and nature.

Another more spiritual meaning it is the connection between the Heaven and the Earth, between the divine and human. In fact, the different myths that exist about paradise are born in the legends of the tree of life.

Tree of life Bracelet and Necklace

Combi collares con árbol de la vida en plata
Combi collares con árbol de la vida en oro

If you feel identified with its meaning or this post makes you feel curious about it, you can find here some of our jewels with tree of life necklaces. Wear them and be proud of wearing such a unique and strong piece!

The Necklace SNEH in silver is ideal to wear in your daily life and very easy to be combined with other shorter choker or chain type necklaces.

It's a necklace with a refined design, in which all the details are very cared, and it results in a very beautiful and elegant finish.

If you prefer gold rather than silver, we have the GOLD Necklace SNEH, a precious jewel, in which you can add a touch of elegance and shine to your look.

You can also wear this amulet in the Bracelet SHAA. This is a refined silver chain bracelet with a small tree of life in the center. It is a jewel that you can match with other bracelets and that will give an original touch to all your looks.

Combi con Pulsera Plata Árbol de la Vida