Piedra Howlite: conoce nuestras piedras naturales

Howlite: Get to know our Natural Stones


Howlite Stone is a unique and peculiar mineral. It is characterised by its white or light grey colour with black, brown or grey streaks. We love to use it in jewelry because of its easy tonality to combine with other little pieces of jewelry. This natural stone is ideal!

All the portions that are extracted from this mineral are different. That is why no two stones look the same. Depending on the fragment, they can be more or less cracked and present a more or less intense white. And that is where the magic and peculiarity of the Howlite lies!

As a curiosity, the name of this mineral is related to the person who discovered it, Henry How. Likewise, the Howlite Stone also acquires other names such as Kaolinite, White Turquoise, Sacred Buffalo and White Buffalo, among others.

It is extracted from natural deposits and can be found mainly in the area of Canada. However, it can also appear in deposits in the United States, Mexico, etc.

Which attributes are granted to the Howlite Stone?

Howlite stone has countless properties. Mainly, it is associated with the ability to calm emotions and reduce mental stress. It is a stone with a great relaxing power and helps to reduce anxiety, and for this reason, it also has beneficial properties for sleeping.

Which jewels with Howlite stone are our favourites?

The Howlite stone is widely used in jewellery because of its ease of combination with gold and silver. Its whitish colour is very beautiful and special, making this gem the perfect complement for all occasions. It looks superb with any style!

In San Saru we have several jewels with this mineral. The colour of the silver combines brilliantly with the cold shades of the Howlite. What do you think of the little pieces of jewellery we propose below? They are the best!

Anillo Saphed con Piedra Howlite

925 Sterling Silver


Collar Priya con Piedra Howlite

925 Sterling Silver


Anillo Sanga con Piedra Howlite

925 Sterling Silver


If you need help to wear your favorite Howlite stone jewelry, we inspire you with the following combinations. All the sets are beautiful!

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Dare to wear our jewels with Howlite stone! Both the rings and the necklace are nice and unique. Whatever your style or personality, these timeless jewels will be ideal with any of your looks.


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