Size guide


We have different types of rings: adjustable and with sizes.

The best way to find out your size, is to follow the steps of this size guide:


The most reliable options are the first and second ones, and you will need a printer for them. Read each step carefully to avoid missing anything and to be able to find the right size for you.

The Adjustable rings can be found in the “Adjustable rings” section. This means they fit different sizes: each ring has a certain size range. Within the description, you can see the sizes each ring can have.

In addition, we have toe and midi rings, which adapt very well to different sizes. They can be worn both on the toes and on the knuckles, as midi rings. Depending on your size, they may also work as regular rings. They fit a S size, which is a 4, and a M size, which is a 6. The rings that are exclusively for the knuckle, midi rings, are not adjustable, and they are available in S(4) and M(6) sizes.

All other rings have a fixed size, both the ones you will find under “Gemstone rings and the ones under Shaped rings. In practically all of our rings you will find sizes 8 to 20, except for those that are thicker, which are usually a little tighter than the thinner ones.

Take a look at the following video to see how to use our size guide:


To get an idea of what the size of our bracelets is, here is a guide that you can print out and use to measure your wrist:


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