San Saru Soul

San Saru Team


With love, with enthusiasm, with dreams, with strength, with passion. Travelling.

That was the word that led us to create San Saru.

 We have always been fascinated by travelling. We found each other, and we started the adventure. And not just a travelling adventure - the San Saru adventure as well.

We went to Morocco, and it was there where we fell in love with discovering other cultures.

We traveled to Thailand and it was there that we learned about the power of the human being; the power of a smile under any circumstances. Over there, nothing resembles the reality that we live at home, but the people smile and it seems the richest country in the world, because of the happiness that people spread.

It was in Cambodia where we found the inspiration - how they managed to make beautiful things out of recycled things. Our routine took up our time so a year went by before we travelled to India.

In India we discovered a world of colors: a wealthy, yet poor land at the same time, a land of contrasts, of social classes and marginalisation, where the color of your shoes is the least of your worries, where poverty overcomes happiness, where poverty shrinks your heart, and where seeing a smile is harder that seeing the sun. 

A land full of life and death at the same time. Two Indias in one, where you have to look beyond to find its essence, its beauty, its wealth and its character. We were, are, and will be in love with India, no matter what they say or what can be seen – this country sticks with you forever.

When we came back, we decided to turn our lives around. We left everything behind and embarked on fulfilling our dream: creating our business and travelling.

Our aim is to keep on travelling, but at the same time we want to share our passion, jewelry. We are in love with our project!

We want to offer a different product: a product with soul.

Our philosophy, to create San Saru from a different perspective. Sharing our success with those around us, being humble and human, offering everything we can to help. Offering products that are close and with a background, no dark productions. To give a personalized and close service to our customers. We do not want to be just another brand, where pride and success prevails over others, where no one else matters. We must give in order to receive.

And here we are, five years later, with an essence that makes us different, friendly, but still growing – always growing. Travelling, working, travelling, working, and this is how our passions come together.


Thank you, universe, for giving us so much.


Carolina Álvarez and Borja Pundik

“Trust in your ability to dream. Keep your dream in mind and always know how, who and what you want to be. Do not stray from your goal. Dream and learn how to make your dreams come true. You just have wish for it and concentrate all your energy on your dream, put your will and enthusiasm into it and you will get what you set out to do. Believe it and everything will turn out as you dreamed”
Carolina Álvarez
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