Types of piercings and ear holes

Today we want to make a special mention and dedicate a little space in our blog to piercings, these earrings that have us totally in love.

They're really cool and original in all its varieties: big, small, shaped like hoops, with a striking, ethnic, bohemian, eye-catching or daring style... Or even the simplest ones, those at the top, those at the bottom or those in the middle of the ear. These versatile jewelry pieces make the most of your ear!

Piercings are characterized by providing personality and style to any ear, with them you'll be able to create hunderts of different combinations. Every week we upload new photos and combos so that you can combine earrings with piercings and play with all the possibilities your ear has to offer. There are always new things that will surprise you.

In this post we will talk about everything related to piercings and different ear holes. Keep reading, because we are going to suggest some options you'll love. Even if you still haven't the ear hole done yet, we have some ear cuffs, for which you do not need a hole.


San Saru loves piercings. We enjoy making and creating new combinations every day. Through piercings, you can define your own style and create original and different combinations. We have hundreds of options. We want to help you understand the differences between all the ear piercings one can have.


Tarjetas regalo


The lobe piercing is the most common of all ear piercings. Most girls have these holes, usually in both ears. We call them main earrings. We have really cute jewelry for the lobe, with different styles and many options depending on what you want to achieve. And if you have more than one hole in your ear lobe, you can combine them one way or another. We have shaped earrings, earrings with natural stones, plain hoops, bali hoops and hoops with pendants. On the lobe, you will usually wear a larger earring than on the rest of your ear. The lobe is the place where we can wear the earrings that are more striking. We usually wear the same earring in both ears, both in the right and in the left one. But the truth is, if you combine two different size earrings, your combination will become very eye-catching.

Piercing Lobulo superior


The upper lobe piercing is placed at the top of the lobe, as its name suggests. In your lobe you can have up to three to five different holes, although the usual number is two or three. We usually wear smaller shaped earrings on the upper lobe. We love the combination of different hoops: small hoops together with plain and bali ones or even with hoops with pendants. But small stud earrings in any original shape look also really good. All our piercings can be worn in the upper lobe.


Tarjetas regalo


We love the Helix piercing. It is placed on the upper part of the ear, on the cartilage, and it is one of the most striking piercings or the one we first think of. You can get a lot of holes in your helix, but we like to have one to three at most. Two holes would be our perfect number of helix piercings. And if you ask us about our perfect combination, it would be without any doubt the piercing SUNILA or SITARA together with the piercing AFTAN. We love how small hoops look as helix piercings, hoops with bali details, with natural gemstones, with pendants or just plain and simple. All options are actually beautiful.

Piercing Contrahelix


The Forward Helix piercing, is, as its name suggests, on the opposite side of the helix, in the area between the face and the ear. For this hole, we also recommend wearing a hoop, as we said for the Helix, with bali details or just a plain one. Any little hoop piercing will look great. We love how our tiny 8mm hoops look here, for instance the piercing YADU or DHARMA.


Tarjetas regalo


The Rook piercing is inside the ear, and it is a very original piercing. The most suitable for this kind of piercings is a rather small earring, like a little plain hoop. Its location does not leave much room for other, larger alternatives, and perhaps it would be annoying. But if you dare, go ahead! In matters of style, there are no rules.

Piercing Daith


The Daith piercing is possibly the most inner ear piercing we can get, as it is right in the fold of the most internal cartilage. Almost in the center of the ear. After getting the Daith hole made, we recommend that you do not sleep on the side you are wearing the piercing, to avoid putting pressure on it or hurting yourself.


Tarjetas regalo


The Tragus piercing is very trendy. More and more people are getting this cartilage pierced. It looks very stylish and you can see the earring both in the front and in the back, thanks to the shape of this small cartilage located at the front of the ear. As a Tragus piercing, we love little hoops, but also earrings with simple shapes. And of course a little ball, which is the most common piercing for that hole.

Piercing Antitragus


The Antitragus piercing is on the opposite side of the Tragus, right on the cartilage in front of the Tragus, on the upper lobe. The small hoops look very good on it, and so do the small earrings with little balls. It will depend a lot on your preferences. It is true that this piercing is not as common as the others, but, once done, it looks very nice too.


Tarjetas regalo


The Snug piercing is a piercing that is placed halfway up the ear. It looks really nice and we love it. Just as the Antitragus, it is very original, since few people dare to wear it. As for the conch piercing, here we need a little bigger hoop than we had on the previous piercings, because this cartilage is much thicker than the rest.

Piercing de Caracola


The conch piercing is in the lower part of the cartilage, just above the Antitragus. Here you will wear an earring that "embraces" the outside of the ear, surrounding it and remaining visually like a hoop around it. We absolutely love how it looks with a hoop earring! For this piercing you will need a bigger hoop than for the rest. Our perfect option would be the piercing OMANA. The conch piercing can look awesome with one of our Ear Cuffs, like for instance the earring DAMA.


We're not going to fool ourselves. A hole, whatever it is, always causes us a little suffering. And depending on the person's pain threshold, it will generate more or less discomfort at the time of doing it. The healing of all the holes is slow, because in the end we are still making a wound in our skin. But there are several ways to make it much more bearable.

The perforation can hurt when infected, so it is extremely important to take care of it and clean it very well.

Once done they will tell you that it will not be 100% healed for two months, but from experience we can tell you, a piercing can take more than a year to heal.

We advise you to take care of it constantly as you have been instructed. And try to touch the wound as little as possible. It is common, for example, when you ride a motorcycle and put on and take off your helmet constantly, that the holes tend to get infected.

Always sleep on the opposite side and wear your hair up so that the hole does not get an infection. We must also try to have our piercings rubbed as little as possible, when we wash our hair or use dyes or hairdressing products. We must be very careful and aware that our ear is healing.

Once you feel it has healed (no swelling, no redness, no pus, no pain) you can change the piercing. But we always advise to do it in the most hygienic way.

The steps would be as follows:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Remove the medical piercing.
  3. The new piercing you are going to wear must be washed first with warm water and soap. And if you have a little bit of alcohol handy, it's a good idea to apply it a little bit before putting it on.
  4. Put it on carefully or with someone's help. Never force it or hurt yourself, because the hole is sensitive and may open up again. If it's one of our piercings, we have a video on how to put on a piercing, to avoid any problem.
  5. Once you have changed it for the first time, we advise you that, although it does not seem to have reopened, the wound is recent. So keep healing it even after changing the piercing.
  6. To keep your piercing in the best conditions the trick that works best for us is "Cristalmina" or "Dermalogic Piercing" in spray, day and night, and not touching your piercing at all. Remember that the hole is still an open wound and what we want is for the scab to dry, so if we move the piercing, we will remove the scab and have the wound open again. You can also ask about the healing process of your piercing once you get it done. Because every person is different, and this is just what has worked for us in "La Ofi", our office.
And even if it has really healed, it can always reopen. Silver is a precious metal that reacts with the PH of the skin, so it is possible that when you put Sterling Silver in the piercing hole and it is not 100% cured, the silver gets dirty from the wound. But don't worry as Silver can be cleaned very easily. Take a look at how to clean it on our article on How to clean Sterling Silver.


At San Saru we have three sizes of piercing: 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

To choose the right size, it is important to know where the hole is located, and what the thickness of our cartilage or lobe is. It will depend on this whether or not the piercing will fit you.

When the hole is located in the innermost part of the ear we will need to take a larger size (10mm), just as if our cartilage or lobe is thicker. If, on the other hand, the cartilage or lobe is thin and the piercing is located in a more external part, we recommend the 8mm one. The 12mm is the one we recommend for the Conch or Lobe piercing.

And if you have concerns or doubts about any piercing or size, we are here to help and advise you. We love it when you write us!

Want to know more? Take a look at our ShopInsta. You have hundreds of combinations and ideas for your piercing and earring combos.
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