Tipos de piercings y agujeros

Types of piercings and ear holes

Today we want to dedicate a special section in our blog to talk about piercings, since we are totally in love with them.

Piercings are known for giving personality and style to your ear as you can make hundreds of different combinations. Every week we post new pictures and new combos, so you can combine earrings and piercings to match them with all the possibilities that your ear offers you. We have news that will surprise you!

In this post we will talk about everything about piercings and the different kinds of holes. Keep reading because we will propose to you options that you will love.


We know how hard it is to choose the right piercing, that’s why we will give you some tips to find the best piercing for you.

First, we must distinguish between thick piercings (1.2mm) and thin piercings (0.8mm). Both can be used in all holes depending on its diameter and its thickness and also depending on how you like to wear them. Thick piercings look better in the septum, conch, snug, contra Helix and Daith. Thin piercings look great in any hole, but the only place where we don’t recommend it is for the septum. It will always depend on how healed is your hole: if it has been healed with a medicinal earring smaller than 1mm, we recommend a thin piercing. However, if your medicinal earring is bigger than 1mm, you can use both. And of course, if you want to keep a thick hole we recommend the bigger one to prevent the hole from closing.

Types of piercings

In San Saru we love piercings. We enjoy creating unique and original combos to give your outfit a different look. There are hundreds of options. We want to show you all the different holes that exist and which piercing is the right one for you.


Lobe Piercing


The lobe piercing is usually the first earring and it is the most common one. Normally, the biggest earring is worn on this hole. Besides that, on the first hole we usually wear the same earring in both ears. But it is true that if you combine two earrings from different sizes it will look super original. We also have cute earrings for the lobe: choose the one that best suits your style and create unique combos! Here you have some of our favorites: JEEVIKA, NITIKA, and DHIANA.

Piercing Lobulo superior


The upper lobe piercing is located above the first hole. In this part of the ear you can get between three or five piercings. Normally in the upper lobe we prefer smaller piercings like hoops, gemstones earrings or stud earrings. Some of the earrings we like the most are KAUSALYA, KANIRA, KISHORI and CHAD.


Piercing Hélix


We love the Helix piercing. It is located at the top of the ear, above the cartilage and it is one of the most popular piercings. You can get a lot of piercings in this part of the ear, but the most common is between one and three. For this kind of piercing we recommend a simple and thin one. And if you ask us for the most beautiful piercings for this hole, we choose JAYASHRIDAYARAM and RATI.

Piercing Contrahelix


The Forward Helix piercing as you may guess is located on the opposite side of the Helix, between your face and the earring, above the Tragus. Both thin and thick piercings are perfect for this hole, all of them will look perfect. For this piercing we love HARENDRA, SHAKUNTALA and PIERCING JATIN (10MM).


Rook piercing


The Rook piercing is a small hole inside the ear. For this piercing we recommend a small and thin earring. Its location is pretty small, so a bigger piercing may bother you. But if you dare, go ahead! There are no rules in fashion. The piercings that we prefer for the Rook are SHYAMA, DRISTI and ALAK.

Piercing Daith


The Daith piercing is probably the most inner ear piercing that we can get. It is located in the deepest part of the ear and almost in the center. For this hole you can choose thin piercings like the VENKAT and AFTAN or if you are looking for something more striking you can choose a thick piercing like the HARENDRA or the SHRIPATI.


Piercing Antitragus


The Tragus piercing is on trend. It is so stylish and you can see the jewel from both sides thanks to the shape of this little cartilage located at the entrance of the ear. For the Tragus we love thin piercings like small hoops or stud earrings with simple shapes. We don’t forget bead earrings either, which are the most used piercings for this hole. The piercings that we love the most are VASANTAADAG and DHARMA.

Piercing Antitragus


The Antitragus piercing is located on the opposite side of the Tragus, on the opposite cartilage and above the upper lobe. It looks great with thin earrings, but it will depend on your style. For us the best options for the Antitragus are the YADU and SANDIP. It’s true that this piercing is not as famous as the others but once you have it, you love it.


Piercing Flat


The Flat piercing is located in the upper-middle part of the ear, near the Helix. It has become a trend this year and it is perfect to get an elegant and unique style to our look. For the Flat piercing we recommend you gemstone, stud, shaped or longer piercings like DIL, HALAKON or CANDA.

Conch Piercing


The Conch piercing is a hole located in the lower part of the cartilage, just above the Antitragus. This piercing surrounds the outside part of the ear and visually it looks like there is a hoop around it. We love this hoop piercing! For this piercing you will need a bigger hoop. Piercing OMANA would be a perfect option!. And in case you don’t have this hole, don’t worry! You can fake it with our Earcuff.


Piercing de Caracola


The Nostril piercing is located in the lateral cartilage of the nose, you can wear it on the left or right sides. This kind of hole became a trend so many years ago, but it is back this year. You can choose shaped earrings, hoops or give it a chance to the gemstone piercings, but normally for this hole we wear thin and smaller piercings. Some of our favorites for the nose are AMALA, SHANKAR and AFTAN.

Septum Piercing


The Septum is located under the nose, between the nostrils. Just a few dare to wear this piercing, but the ones who wear it always get a unique look. For this type of hole we recommend a thick and flashy piercing. The RADHA piercing is perfect and will make you look even more original.


Gold Piercings
Gold Piercing

If you are a gold lover, in San Saru you will find beautiful 925 Sterling Silver jewelry plated in 22 carat gold. We know it is hard to choose, but here you have a combo so you can get inspiration. The right combo includes the SITARA GOLD AMSHU GOLDMAYUR GOLD, TIRU GOLD and JEEVAN GOLD. The right combo includes SUNILA GOLDSITARA GOLD, EKAJATI GOLD, AMSHU GOLD, JIVANA GOLD and GEND GOLD. Which one is your favorite? We love both!


In San Saru we have six piercing sizes: 3 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm y 14 mm.

To choose the perfect size it is important to know where our hole is located and how big our cartilage or lobe is. This will be essential to get the perfect piercing.

If the hole is located in the inner part of the ear we need to choose a bigger size (10mm). The same thing happens if our cartilage or lobe is thick. However, if the cartilage or lobe is thin and the piercing is located in an external part, we recommend a 8mm piercing. We recommend the 12mm piercing for the Conch or for the Lobe.

And if you have any doubts or questions about any piercing or size, we will be glad to help you. We would love to hear from you!

Do you want to see more? Check our ShopInsta. There you have hundreds of combos and ideas for your piercings and earrings.
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