At San Saru we are a family in continuous growth and we work with great passion to offer jewelry with soul.A young team that every day puts its heart, enthusiasm and love into making San Saru special.

Each member has a different style but we all share the same goal: to make San Saru grow. Together we laugh, think and work to ensure that all our jewellery is designed, produced and sent with love.

At San Saru Family we believe that each person is unique and special. We all maintain the same philosophy where generosity, humility, love and respect are the fundamental pillars. We value the constant dedication of our team and we protect and care for their interests and needs.

We are a great team!



We produce our jewelry in different parts of the world. We mainly have a factory in Spain, one in Europe and two factories in Asia. All of them participate in a special way in the process of creating our little jewels full of soul.

In all our factories and workshops we have a team of professionals who put all their love into creating unique pieces. The handmade details and the passion that they dedicate to each process, make each jewel have its own personality.

We work every day to ensure that both our employees and manufacturers have the best possible working conditions and that their human rights are always protected.



In San Saru we keep the philosophy of our logo, the "Three Wise Monkeys" because we feel very identified with the message of "See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil". And we love to change the order and give it the most optimistic meaning: "See the good, hear the good and say the good".

Everything that involves San Saru is always born under this premise. We apply this concept to everything we do, it is our way of life.

We focus on seeing the positive side of any situation and visualising where we want to go without fear, with positivity and dreaming big.

We listen to messages that really contribute to us, messages that make us feel safe and keep moving forward. We accept constructive comments and criticisms made with love that help us to keep growing.

To say, speak, dialogue, from the heart, ALWAYS as a philosophy of life. We cannot conceive of any other way of communicating than with love, humility, respect and transparency, helping us to grow and evolve.

Keep the bright side of life!

Always see the glass as half full. To be grateful for every minute. Believe in ourselves and in everything we are capable of achieving. To love ourselves and to love.

Dream big ✨