How to put on your Bali Hoop Earrings?

How to put on your Bali hoop earrings?

Bali hoop earrings are hoops with different sizes and measures. The larger the diameter of the hoop, the easier it will be to put your earrings on.

Large hoop earrings are very easy to put on. On the other hand, those that are less than 16mm are quite difficult to wear. This is because there is not much room to handle them when you are trying to put them on, which can seem an uncomfortable and slow process.

To put on your hoop earrings, you just have to open each hoop by separating the thin bar they have from the body of the earring. Once opened, you can carefully shape the fine part so that it fits and matches the hole in the closure. Finally, patiently insert the bar into the clasp hole.  

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Hoop earrings are the most comfortable earrings you can wear. They are not annoying at all while you are sleeping and it is quite difficult to lose them. Once you try them, you won't want to take them off! Watch the video below to see how to put on your Bali hoop earrings. Or if you prefer, you can just click here.

How do you remove your Bali hoop earrings?

Removing your Bali hoop earrings is very simple. The trouble is, if you don't know how to take them off, you could hurt your ears by pulling on the wrong side.

So it is very important to always hold the earring well by the part you’re not going to pull away. If the closure is at the front, you can take off the Bali hoop earrings by holding the hoop in the back and stretching the bar from the front. However, if the closure is at the back, it’s easier if you hold the hoop in front and pull the bar at the back.

In the following video you can see how to remove your Bali Hoop earrings without getting hurt. It is really easy.