How to clean your gold jewelry?

Gold Vermeil jewelry is very easy to clean. It is easy to make it always shine and look perfect. We will now show you our most effective way to clean your gold vermeil jewelry, so it will keep that intense golden color forever!

In just a few minutes, you can have your jewelry cleaned. You just need three tools and two minutes of your time. Prepare a bowl with lukewarm water, soap and a cotton cloth. We can start now!

Recipiendo con agua

Water bowl: You can use tap water (no need to use mineral water). But remember the water must be lukewarm.

Jabón PH Neutro:

Neutral PH soap: Our recommendation is to use PH neutral soap. Avoid using soaps with chemicals.


Cotton cloth: Use a clean cotton cloth (e.g. kitchen cloth).

Once you have it ready, put a few drops of NEUTRAL PH soap in a bowl with lukewarm water. Mix it well and use this water to clean the jewelry, rub it gently with a cotton cloth. Finally, rinse the jewelry with clean water and dry it gently.

If your jewelry needs to be cleaned more thoroughly, you can also use a soft bristle brush. This trick will help you reach all the hidden parts of the jewelry piece. You will have to introduce the brush into the water mixture and rub the jewel with it. Do it very gently so you don't scratch it. Afterwards, clean it with lukewarm water and remove the remains of soap. Finally, dry it with a soft cloth.

Unlike unplated silver, gold-plated jewelry is much less stained. Therefore, cleaning methods are more scarce and delicate. Since the jewelry is not made of solid gold, it is preferable not to clean it too often, only when you think it really is necessary. The most important thing when it comes to gold vermeil jewelry is to take proper care of it, we recommend you to check our article on how to take care of gold jewelry.

And above all, all the methods we use to clean 925 Sterling Silver (such as bicarbonate or silver polish) are not suitable for gold plated jewelry. Although it is one of our most commonly used methods for cleaning silver, it can damage your gold vermeil jewelry.