¿Cómo cuidar tus joyas de Oro?

How to take care of gold jewelry?

We want your jewelry to look like the first day! How? We'll tell you about it below:

Our gold vermeil jewelry keeps our essence. It is made entirely of 925 Sterling Silver and plated with 22-carat gold. Our jewelry pieces are 2 or 3 microns thick, depending on the product: the earrings, necklaces and bracelets are 2 microns thick and the rings are 3 microns thick.

In the latter case, we add an extra micron to ensure greater durability. Rings are one of the most exposed and easily scratched pieces. We wear them in our hands and these are constantly touching an infinite number of things. To ensure their maximum quality we have added an extra micron!

What do we want to tell you with this message? That our gold jewelry has an outstanding finish. You’ll be able to wear it for a long time and enjoy it for years!

You may also wonder if there is a special way to keep and care for your jewelry. Of course there is! But before we let you know our recommendations, we want to give you a little advice (the same as we give you for our 925 Sterling Silver pieces): Enjoy and wear your gold jewelry without worrying. Do not forget that our jewelry is created to be worn, lived and enjoyed to the fullest!

To check the jewelry resistance and quality, we have been doing a test with the 20 girls of the office. Since the first samples arrived, we have been wearing and enjoying the gold vermeil jewelry. We have been wearing it every day for 24 hours, we really have put it to the test! The outcome is amazing. It is still like the first day!

However, we are sensible and realistic. Our pieces are not solid gold. If you want them to last forever you'll have to take care of them a little bit and spoil them more than our non-gold-plated silver pieces. So here comes the boring part! Our 3 tricks to keep your jewelry looking perfect for as long as possible:

Anillo Nimai con Piedra Luna

Try not to exercise with it and don’t carry it in activities where there is a risk of rubbing or scratching. Sweat and rubbing can speed up the wear of the gold layer. For instance, if you are going to go climbing or do weight training, it is better to take your jewelry off.

Anillo Nimai con Piedra Luna

Avoid direct contact with perfumes, creams, soaps, cleaning products, chlorine, etc. The jewelry will last much longer if you take it off when you enter the shower or put on your cream.

Anillo Nimai con Piedra Luna

Keep it in a closed box when you’re not wearing it. If you leave your jewelry too long in the sun, it can lose its glow. If you have more than one piece kept together, use the bags you receive with your order to store the pieces separately.

We must keep in mind that jewelry is something we are always wearing. It is exposed to our movements, to some rubbing, to the air, to humidity, to sweat... The list is endless! And even the PH of our skin can make the wear of the jewelry worse.

Considering all these things, we should tell you not to take the jewelry out of the box, so you can keep it like the first day. But that's not our philosophy, so... ENJOY IT!!!

We want to share with you a beautiful phrase that we have made part of ourselves, a sentence that inspires us and helps us enjoying the jewelry to the fullest and we hope you'll keep it in mind too: "Divide it by the hours, days and months that you are going to wear it, and you will know if you are really enjoying it". All things, including jewelry, are there for us to use and enjoy them!

Finally, remember that we keep our essence in all our gold jewelry. We still offer unique pieces, entirely made of 925 Sterling Silver, plated with 22-carat gold.

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