¿Cómo poner las Pulseras Bali?

How to put on your Bali Bracelets?

There are two types of Bali bracelets, the closed ones and the open ones.

To put on a closed bracelet, you have to open the bracelet at the front end and insert your wrist into it. Once inside, press again to close it. If you feel that it stays a little bit open, you can "pass it" as we show on the video so that after putting the bar inside it is completely closed.

Abrir pulsera bali

Pulsera bali abierta completa

Pulsera bali casi cerrada

Pulsera bali cerrada completa

To put on an open bracelet, you will have to insert it into your wrist. You will see that the shape fits perfectly. You can always adjust the measurement a little by pressing or opening it carefully.

Poner pulsera bali cerrada

Abrir pulsera bali abierta

Como poner pulsera bali abierta

To put the bracelets on, both the open and the closed ones, you have to put them on the side, because if you open them completely from the central part you might break them.  

In the following video you can see clearly and easily how to put on a Bali Bracelet. You can also just click here :)

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