Midi rings: how to wear them?

What are Midi Rings?

Midi rings are bold and original little jewelry pieces. For years, this trend has taken over our hands giving them a touch of unique style that we love.

They are placed on the first phalanx, above the lower knuckle. And unlike traditional rings, they are worn on half of the fingers. There is no doubt that midi rings have been a real revolution in the world of jewelry.

In addition, some of our midi rings can also be worn on the toes. You'll love the fresh, carefree style they exude. They are ideal for adding a touch of personality to your looks!

And best of all: with different midi rings you can create many combinations. Try wearing several of them in different sizes and thicknesses with a traditional ring. You'll love the finish, these little jewels emphasize the whole and make everything flow.

anillos midi san saru

Types of Midi Rings

We have many different kinds of midi rings. Among all our different designs you can find pieces with different shapes, thickness and different styles. There are simple and minimalist pieces, others with an ethnic touch, colorful, with beads, more striking, etc. We have jewelry for all tastes!

You can also get them with different materials. The most Midi Rings of the San Saru collection are made up of 925 Sterling Silver. And among our collection, you will find some rings with a 3 microns thick 22 carat gold plating.

If you don't like to risk too much, we recommend those with smooth and rounded shapes. Among our favorites we have: the ring BLE MIDI, the VIMAAN MIDI, the KALINDA and the INAY MIDI.

On the other hand, if you prefer to wear more attractive and suggestive midi rings, we offer you the following selection of jewelry pieces with a boho chic style: the rings DAUD, AYAN, ATA, ANK, OISHI MIDI and SEVTI MIDI. They are all gorgeous!

How to wear midi rings

As we said before, midi rings can be worn on your fingers and toes. The possibilities are endless, you can wear the same ring in one place or another depending on the occasion or your preferences, these rings are very versatile and offer many options!

In addition, they can be worn in many different ways and stand out most when combined with each other. There is no exact rule about how many midi rings you should wear, it depends on your style and taste.

Ir you need help and inspiration to create your own combinations, take a look at the following practical guide where we show you ideas on how to wear midi rings and where they are most commonly worn.

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Midi Ring Sizes

The San Saru midi rings can be either adjustable or closed. The adjustable can be adapted to the size of your fingers because they have different sizes. Most can be adjusted from a size 4 to a size 6, but some also reach a size 8 or 10. In the product features you can see how big they are.

Anillos midi abiertos y cerrados San Saru

On the other hand, our our closed midi rings have an S or M size. The S corresponds to a 4 and the M corresponds to a 6. All of them can be worn on the fingers, but they are not quite recommended for the toes.

How do I know my midi ring size?

If you want to know your midi ring sizewe recommend you to measure your own fingers. This method is the most accurate, precise and reliable. You can do it through our size guide, you'll see how easy and fast it is!

There is also another less specific way to know your size. In general, midi have 2 to 4 sizes less than the normal size rings you wear on that finger. For example, if your size is between 10 and 12 on a regular basis, you will have to choose size 4 (S) on a midi ring. If your size ranges from 14 to 16, you should choose size 6 (M). And finally, if you wear a size 18 or 20, you can use any normal ring in size 8 as a midi ring.

Guía de tallas anillos midi

Do midi rings fall off?

Midi rings do not fall off if you wear the right size. If you think the smaller size (S) will fit you, it's best to choose an adjustable midi so you can wear it to your liking until you feel confident.

This jewelry should fit your fingers comfortably and not slip. However, as a precaution, you can choose to take them off for sports or other rough activities. But always without forgetting the most important thing: enjoy wearing your rings!

Ideas for combinations for fingers or toes with midi rings

To help you create your perfect combi, we've made four sets with midi rings, all super cute! The first two focus on highlighting our gold collection and foot midi, while the next two focus on a Boho Chic style combo.

So the first set is created with gold jewelry and has a very simple and elegant style; from left to right and from top to bottom: AUSAT GOLD, VIMAAN MIDI GOLD, KANU GOLD and MALINI GOLD. The second one is based on our midi rings for the toes; from left to right and from top to bottom: KASI, SAMUD, KRISHA, ANK, RAAY and KALINDA.

Combi anillos midi oro - San Saru
Combi anillos midi pie - San Saru

Next we show you two other combinations with several of our rings, alternating those more showy with other simple ones. The first set, from top to bottom and from left to right, is composed by: the midiDAUD, SEVTI and MAKON, and the rings INAY, POONAM and KIRA. The second combination, from top to bottom and from left to right, is made up of: the midi ETNIS, AYAN and OISHI, and the rings SANGA, TANIKA and MAYANK.

Combi anillos midi mano - San Saru
Combi anillos midi mano - San Saru