Ear Cuff: Types and their meaning


Ear Cuffs are a trend that is becoming so famous in recent years. More and more people are wearing these types of earrings in their look, giving it a more striking and original touch.

But do you actually know what Ear Cuffs are? In this post we will talk about it, about the different types of Earcuffs and how to use them.. Keep reading, because we will propose to you some combos that you are going to love.

What are Ear Cuffs?

Ear cuffs are earrings that you can wear without having pierced ears. They are a very flashy piece of jewellery that became very fashionable in ancient Egypt and India. Lately, these earrings have taken over our ears, giving them a unique touch and making our looks more striking.

Unlike piercings, ear cuffs are a type of earring that you wear in your ear even if you don't have your ear pierced. This is because they are easily fastened and adjusted by pressing the earring.

What we like most about Ear Cuffs is that they are very easy to combine. Try wearing some of them with different sizes and combine them with piercings or earrings. You will love the original touch that these jewels give.

Types of Ear Cuff

You can create a unique combo without needing to pierce your ear with our Ear Cuff. This piece will become the best choice to shine more than ever.

There are a wide variety of models and styles of earrings without having pierced ears, here are some of them:

Ear Cuff for cartilage

As the name suggests, this type of ear cuff is placed in the cartilage by gently squeezing the earring so that it does not fall out. You will love the THRE EARRING, its size and design makes it very easy to wear and it looks spectacular!

Combi collares con árbol de la vida en plata
Combi pendientes labradorita

Ear Cuff for the Conch

This type of earring is the most popular one. It is placed in the lower part of the cartilage simulating the Conch piercing. This type of earring “wraps” the outside of the ear, encircling it and visually resembling a hoop. Some of our favourites are KANEE EARRING, the IHAM EARRING and the QALAMAT EARRING.

Combi collares con árbol de la vida en plata
Combi pendientes labradorita

Chain Ear Cuff

The Ear Cuff with a chain is a very daring and eye-catching piece of jewellery. In this case, you need to have a hole in the lobe to attach the lower part.The earring is placed in the lobe part and the top part you place the Ear Cuff.Both parts are connected by a chain. Some of our favourites are: the HALA EARRING, the VIVEK EARRINGand the MANDAR EARRING They are very colourful and original!

Combi collares con árbol de la vida en plata
chain ear cuff

Pendientes trepadores

Climber earrings are designed to be placed in the first hole of the lobe, and the earring follows the shape of your ear to the cartilage. It is attached to the cartilage like an ear cuff.

Climbers are very original earrings, they give a striking and elegant touch to your look. You can wear two identical climber earrings, or combine a climber earring on one ear with a simpler earring on the other.

In San Saru we have climbing earrings with stones perfect to wear on special occasions: AAIVEE EARRING, with opal stone and CHAMELEE EARRING,with moonstone. You will create a unique combi and will bring an elegant touch to your look!

Pendientes trepadores con piedra ópalo
Pendientes trepadores con piedra luna

Do Ear Cuffs fall off?

Ear Cuff earrings do not fall out if you wear them properly . As we said before, there are some Ear Cuffs that can only fit in one part of the ear. If you want to change the position, you should consider an ear cuff that fits all areas of the ear. Also, for more security,adjust it to your liking until you feel it is tight.

These ear jewellery should fit comfortably in your ear and not slip out of place. However, as a precaution, you can take them off for any kind of sport activities or for sleeping.

Ear Cuff Combos Ideas

All Ear Cuffs are super beautiful. We know how difficult it can be to choose one... Here you have two combos to inspire you. The first combo is of 925 Sterling Silver jewellery, while the second is made of Sterling Silver jewellery plated in 22 carat gold.

The first combo is made of sterling jewellery in a very simple and elegant style; from the top to bottom: THRE EARRING, TIRU EARRING and EARRINGS KAILAS. And the second one, from the top to bottom: KANEE GOLD EARRING , HALAKON GOLD EARRING, AMSHU GOLD EARRING and DHARTI (20MM) GOLD EARRING.

Combi collares con árbol de la vida en plata
Combi pendientes labradorita