Mano de Fátima: joyas y su significado

Hamsa: The Jewelry and Its meaning

Hamsa Pendant

The Hamsa is one of the most mystical symbols all around the world. And for sure, this sign is included in our jewelry collection. Find out its true meaning and why it is so special!

The Hamsa, means “five” because of the five fingers depicted in the hand. In ancient times, it was believed that this symbol protected women from bad energies and gave them strength.

Nowadays, many people choose to wear it, either for its meaning or for its beauty. We want you to wear it forever and in a special way through our jewels. Find out which combo is the best one for you!


We have this special symbol in some of our jewels and it has different meanings depending on its position.

If it is facing up it means power, strength and blessing. Also, it is believed to be used as an amulet of protection against the evil eye, which is why many people call it “the protective hand of Fatima”.


Combo Hamsa pendants
Combo hamsa pendants

Did you like the meaning of the Hand of Fatima? Bring it always with you with the AMAL PENDANT or NETRA PENDANT. Both necklaces are versatile, and you can wear them on their own or with more jewelry. Here you have two combos with Hand of Fatima necklaces, so you can get inspiration. Which one do you like the most? We are in love with both!


Do you prefer Hamsa bracelet? Don’t worry! In San Saru you will be able to find the SUMALEE BRACELET, a jewel that is always on trend and that will become a must in your daily life.

The Hand of Fatima earrings has also become a very cool way to wear this special symbol. The  PHAA EARRINGS are perfect to wear in the first or second lobe holes. You will look so cute and well-protected 😜!

Complete your look with our HAATH bag. It is 100% cotton, and it has a beautiful design of the Hand of Fatima in a boho chic style, adorned with mandalas and an eye in the center of the hand.

Combo hamsa earrings
hamsa bracelet
hamsa bag

¡Shine more than ever with our Hamsa jewelry! Whatever your style is, these special jewelry pieces will look perfect in any look.

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