The perfect earrings for your hairstyle

We spend a lot of time choosing the perfect jewelry piece for every occasion. And the truth is, it is not easy at all. It is important to know how to choose the jewelry that make us feel comfortable and confident with our outfit and our own style.

However, a nice jewelry piece looks even more beautiful if it matches the style. Everything must work together, from the hairstyle to the entire look. And to do so, it is important for the different elements to fit together.

Once you have found the ideal piece of jewelry for the occasion, try making it even more special with a nice hairstyle that matches it. You only need a few minutes to look even more stunning. You'll love the result!

We are ready to show you the jewelry that best suits your hairstyle and to give you some tips on how to combine them. Discover the most beautiful, easy and basic hairstyles to combine with your jewelry. Let's go for it!

Earrings for half-up hairstyles

Half-ups have a romantic touch that we love. They can be more elaborate and sophisticated, or simpler and easier to make.

If you opt for this kind of hairstyle, you won't need your earrings to be too flashy or showy. Choose to wear small jewelry that compensates for the subtle style you wear. For example, medium-size hoops are perfect to highlight your hairstyle and to make it powerful. We have used the earrings DABLY and the VAJRA, but we have many more designs that would look great too.

And if you like to take risks, we recommend another very original way of wearing your jewelry - just add your favorite earrings to the hairstyle! This style is becoming very fashionable in recent years, and the truth is that we couldn't like it more.

The idea is very simple. Comb your hair into the shape you like best and add a few hoop earrings to it. You can just combine some plain hoops with other shaped hoops. Get inspired by our ideas to create your own combination!

Trenza de espiga lateral
Semi Recogido sencillo

Here are two simple ideas for this kind of hairstyle. It won't take more than five minutes! On the one hand, we suggest a simple half-up made with two strands of hair joined together. And on the other hand, a side herringbone braid attached to the opposite end with hair pins.

Earrings for informal low ponytails

Our choice is, without any doubts, the really nice wavy ponytail. It is informal yet sophisticated, it can make a basic look become a very stylish one.

We suggest wearing this hairstyle together with some flashy and striking earrings. As you will be showing your neck, the ponytail looks really nice! We love wearing medium and large hoop earrings with this hairstyle.

For example, we have combined these styles with the earrings HEERA and KANYA. Two jewelry pieces that are very eye-catching. We encourage you to discover our collection of shaped hoops for you to find the perfect accessory!

Coleta con ondas

For this hairstyle, you won't need more than two minutes. Just wave your hair as you like (more or less wavy) and add a nice scrunchie as a final touch. You got it!

Earrings for all kinds of braids

You can never go wrong wearing a braid. There are braids in different styles and they are just perfect for all kinds of occasions or events. With this kind of hairstyle we cannot decide for an earrings style, you can actually wear both simple earrings and the more striking ones.

We have decided to wear some showy and elegant jewelry pieces. That way, we enhance (but do not overshadow) the beauty of the braid. As it is a hairstyle that brings you to show your face better, all the jewelry pieces become powerful and quite important.

Our suggestion is based on hoop earrings, for instance plain hoops, bali hoops or shaped hoops, and both big and small ones. In any case, we choose designs that harmonize with the complete look and are visually stunning.

And finally, in summer we recommend you to play with colorful Natural Gemstone Earrings, which will give you a cheerful, youthful and casual touch!

Trenza con pañuelo
Trenza Cordón

We have chosen these two different ideas, which are original and easy to carry out. For the first idea, you will need a fine scarf, the prettier the better! Make a ponytail with it, leaving a spare area, and make a normal braid together with the spare part of the scarf. As if it were just another strand of hair.

The second case is much simpler. You'll just have to make a french braid, and instead of making it with three strands (which is the conventional method), you'll only have to take two.

Easy hairstyles for wearing your jewelry

To get these trendy looks, don't miss the following video with Annanda Ecosalon. Here we show you how to make your favorite hairstyles. You'll see how quickly and easily we can get these different and amazing hairstyles done. It's time to give some power to your jewelry combinations!