Amethyst Stone: get to know our natural stones

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The amethyst stone is a violet-colored mineral with different shades belonging to the quartz family. It is a super pretty stone!

Amethyst has always been a highly prized gem. Jewelry with amethyst stones has been worn since ancient Egypt times. In the Middle Ages, this stone was used in jewelry for cardinals and bishops. That is why amethyst is associated with protection and wisdom. In this blog, we will tell you everything about this stone!

What properties are associated with Amethyst stone?

Amethyst stone is associated with the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, which is closely related to the mind. This stone is believed to help open the mind, allowing new knowledge and inspiration to be acquired. In addition, it is also said that this stone has protective properties, blocking negative energies and promoting inner balance.

And that's not all! This stone is widely used as a "soothing" element in meditation and daily life. It is believed that carrying an amethyst stone helps us relax in times of stress.

Because of all these beliefs, Amethyst is considered the stone of harmony.

Which jewelry with Amethyst is our favorite?

As we have already seen, Amethyst stone has been used in jewelry for centuries. So if you love its color and have found its benefits interesting, here we show you some of our favorite jewelry with this stone!

Amethyst Bracelets and Rings

If you wear rings in your day-to-day life and like to be bold and flashy, you will love rings with an amethyst stone. You can combine these rings with the VIVAAH bracelet, perfect for a total look in a violet hue. Give a touch of light to your combos!

Anillo con piedra amatista 

925 Sterling Silver

SHOWPulsera con piedra amatista 

925 Sterling Silver


Anillo de plata con piedra amatista 

925 Sterling Silver


Amethyst Earrings and Necklaces

At San Saru, we love to create combos of necklaces with chains, stone necklaces, shapes, chokers... Amethyst necklaces are an ideal piece of jewelry to add color to those combis! In addition, we also have some 22K gold-plated silver necklaces.

And for those of you who are always wearing hoops, we also have hoop earrings with amethyst. They are a huge hit! They look great at any time of the year and are the perfect size to wear both in the first hole and in any other lobe hole.

Pendientes bond con piedra amatista 

925 Sterling Silver


pendientes con piedra amatista 

925 Sterling Silver


Collar con piedra amatista en oro 

Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver


Here we leave you with three combinations of jewelry with amethyst to inspire you. Which one will you choose?

joyas con piedra amatista
pulseras con piedra amatista
pendientes con piedra amatista