Rose Quartz: Get to know our Natural Stones



Rose Quartz is a semi-precious stone with pink colouringthat we absolutely adore. We have many jewels with this gemstone because of its beauty, meaning and elegance. This spectacular stone can't be missing in your jewelry box!

As a curiosity, Rose Quartz was used in Ancient Greece as a beauty product to rejuvenate the glow of the skin. It was exposed to the sun all day long, then it was ground and mixed with water and oils to create a face mask.

The main natural deposits where this incredible mineral is extracted are in Brazil, South Africa, India and Madagascar. However, it can also be found in Spain, specifically in Galicia and Cáceres.

Which attributes and benefits are given to rose quartz?

Rose Quartz, also known as “the stone of love”, is associated with several benefits and mystical properties. The meaning of Rose Quartz is related to the fact that this mineral helps the heart chakra, soothing and opening the heart of those who have suffered for love. It is also believed to attract true love, increase self-esteem and lead to forgiveness.

It should be noted that the benefits of Rose Quartz not only brings the properties of love, but it is also believed that it removes negative energy and turns it into positive, so that people can find peace, calm and improve relationships with friends, family and partners.

Which rose quartz jewelry pieces are our favourites?

Do you want a special and unique jewel? Rose Quartz is the perfect accessory to get an elegant touch to your look . Its pink colouring makes it very easy to combine with other stones.

Langar Necklace Quarze Rose

925 Sterling Silver


Dhiana Earrings with quartz rose

925 Sterling Silver


Ninad Sterling Silver Ring

925 Sterling Silver


Are you a gold lover? In San Saru you can find this beautiful mineral in 22-carat gold plated Sterling Silver jewelry. You will love it!

Necklace Abe Quartz Rose

925 Sterling Silver


Sumana Bracelet with Rose Quartz

925 Sterling Silver


Kumari Gold Ring

925 Sterling Silver


We know that it is not easy to make a choice among all our Rose Quartz jewelry. But don’t worry! We will show you some of our favourite combos, so you can see how this beautiful stone looks. We are sure that you will find your perfect jewel!

Combo of Quartz Rose Necklace
Combo of Quartz Rose Ring
Combo of Quartz Rose Bracelets

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone with a special colour and brightness. We promise you that these jewels will become your greatest ally to get a unique touch to your looks. Are you ready to fall in love?