Eye of Horus: The Jewelry and Its Meaning

Eye of Horus Combo

The Eye of Horus is a mystical and unique symbol. It is present in some of our jewelry because of its beauty and everything it represents. Do you want to know what its true meaning is and why we like it so much?

It is also known as the "Eye that sees everything" or "the Eye of Ra", and comes from ancient Egypt, from the goddess Wadjet, daughter of Ra. It is said that this amulet has different functions, such as protection, progress, the indestructibility of the body or the rebirth of the soul.

The ancient beliefs of the Eye of Horus have returned and many people choose to keep it in mind. And we love to wear it in the most chic way! For example, wearing the symbol on a necklace, bracelet or earring.

What does the Eye of Horus mean?

The Eye of Horus symbolizes the sun and light (represented by the colour white). It is considered a symbol of protection both for the living and for those who are no longer there. It is said to be effective against disease, the evil eye, betrayal and enchantment.

So now you know! If you want to feel well protected and go with a unique look, your jewelry box can not miss a jewel with this iconic symbol.

Eye of Horus as Amulet

The Eye of Horus is one of the oldest amulets in Egypt. It represents strength, health, safety, life and vigour. Today people wear this symbol as an amulet against envy and the evil eye, which is why many choose to have it tattooed or wear it as a jewel.

As a curiosity, for those more mystical people the Eye of Horus is the "third eye" of our body. It represents that it is the pineal gland, which is found in the brain and generates melatonin. It is responsible for connecting the body with our soul.

Horus Eye Pendant

In San Saru you can find jewellery with this symbol. Its shape and style is perfect to combine with any other finer or more daring jewel.

The piece that we love the most is the GRANTHI NECKLACE, which is very fine and will give an original touch to your look (besides protecting you from the evil eye😜). What combination do you like best with the Eye of Horus necklace? We love all of them!

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Eye of Horus necklaces combo
Combi tobillera con ojo de horus