Jewelry Trends for Spring


Jewelry Trends for Spring

Good weather is coming and we are sure that you can’t wait to show off your best looks and jewelry! Spring is the perfect time to wear and combine all your jewels. You can create unique and original combos to complement your daily looks or to show them on special occasions.

Big bracelets, link chains, mystical jewellery and pierced ears to show off your piercings and ear cuffs that will give life and colour to your combos. These are the trends for this spring!

Here we show you different combinations to get an original touch to your looks.

Long Earrings and Gemstone Earrings

Among the jewelry trends for this spring, long and shiny earrings stand out.

In our 925 Sterling Silver Long Earrings collection you will find jewellery with a lot of sparkle that will give your look a unique touch. You can find elegant earrings like the KALPANA or other earrings with a flashier style like the ARADHANA.

To go with these jewels you can wear smaller earrings with natural gemstones on the other ear holes so you can create colourful and funny combos perfect for this season. You can choose from Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Onyx, Labradorite, Topaz, Amazonite, Turquoise...We have a wide range of stones to complete your look in the most bohemian and chic style.

Here you have two combos with a lot of colour and sparkle. The first one with the KALPANA, the earrings KASHVI (12MM), the earrings TIRU (10MM) and the piercing KETAN (10MM).

The second combo is composed of the long earringsSHARMILA (10MM), the earrings GULSHAN (10MM), MANI and the piercing SUNILA (10MM).

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combo of long and gemstone earrings for spring


Bangles are the star jewel of this spring. They are big and eye-catching bracelets with a lot of personality and perfect to wear on their own or to combine with thinner bracelets.

In San Saru we have all kinds of bangles. Adjustable bangles which can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes, rigid and closed bangles, bangles with flashy designs and Bali bangles. With all these different styles you can create beautiful and super original combos. This trend is ideal for styling your wrist and creating an extravagant and flashy look!

If you are a flashy jewelry person, you will love these Sterling Silver bangles: MAYA Bracelet, YISHAI bracelet.

Here are two ideas to show off your wrists in style! The first one, the YISHAI bracelet with the PRANAY bracelet chain. And the second combo with the MAYA bracelet, the gemstone bracelet MUNNA, the bracelet KANAK and the ring INAY. ¡Beautiful!

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Silver bangles

Chains and chokers

Chain necklaces are here to stay with a very 80’s trendy style. They are very easy to combine and perfect to get a flashy touch to your look. The VINTEJ necklace is a must if you can identify with these kinds of jewelry pieces. It is a very simple necklace with a lot of personality and with which you will call everyone’s attention. You will also love the SHANTA necklace, the DEVMANI necklace, the MARALA necklace or thinner and longer chains like the DILBAR, KAVYA y KIRAM.

In San Saru we love chokers, that is why these kinds of jewelry could not be missed on our necklace collection. They are ideal to combine with long chains and to create special combos. If you like this type of jewels, we are sure you will love the JADA choker, with a plain, slim and very elegant design as well as the SUNDAR choker, with a very simple design but thicker than other necklaces.

Gold link chains and chokers are also a trend this spring! So, if you are a gold lover, you will fall in love with the following ideas: the link chain KANTA that you can wear as a short necklace or as a choker; a very tiny necklace with small beads called UDAY and the BAHUT choker, with a wide and flat-effect design.

In the following image we propose two ideal combinations for your most daring looks!

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gold chain for sprint

Mystical jewellery

San Saru was born to create jewellery with soul, so we love that one of the spring trends is jewellery with a mystical style that gives value to jewellery with a special meaning. These pieces are jewels with a simple and minimalist design but with a lot of personality that work as beautiful charms in our daily life.

The most desired jewels with a mystical style are the Zodiac necklaces, gemstones, jewellery with symbols and mystical shapes.

Some of our favourite Sterling Silver pieces are the GRANTHI necklace, the Eye of Horus anklet named BASANT, the SNEH necklace, the Tree of Life bracelet named SHAA SHAA or the AMAL AMAL necklace or the SUMALEE bracelet with the Hamsa symbol. We also love the combos inspired by the moon’s symbol like the MOKSHA and SARISHA necklace, the DARSH anklet, the LILAVATI earrings or the MAYANK ring.

If you are a gemstone jewelry person, these pieces are perfect for you: the ROHINI bracelet with Rose Quartz gemstone, also known as “The Love Stone”, the UTTAM ring with the Onyx stone, the PRIYA necklace with Howlite stone and the TEJ ring made with Moonstone. In San Saru we have several options for semi-precious and mineral lovers! They are the perfect combo to get a unique touch to your looks.

For the golden lovers, we also have mystical jewelry. The Zodiac collection is available in golden and we also have different jewels with symbols like the SNEH GOLD or the LUN GOLD necklaces, the LINA GOLD or MAYANK GOLD, among others. And if you prefer natural stones, we also have loads of stone jewels on our gold edition!

Here you have two beautiful combos. The 925 Sterling Silver combo with the ARDH and SARISHA necklace, with the SARLA (10MM), ANKHEN, AISTRA earrings, the Ear Cuff IHAM and the Helix piercings RATI (10MM) and SITARA (10MM).

The plated gold combo with BINDU GOLD, LUN GOLD and ADITI GOLD with the plain hoop ACHARYA (25MM) GOLD.

Which one do you choose?

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Mystical jewellery combo in gold

Jewelry with elements of the sea

After all these months we are looking forward to travelling and going to paradisiacal beaches, so we couldn't miss jewels with elements of the sea , another spring trend.

In San Saru we have many 925 Sterling Silver and 22-carat gold plated jewels that keep that summery essence characterised by the Turquoise stone, which is always a must at this time of the year.

Now we bring you two beautiful combos with Turquoise stone and elements of the sea. The first one is a Silver combo with ADITI necklace, VARUN (12MM) earrings, JAMEEL (12MM) earrings, FIROZA earrings, YATIN earrings, SAMIR earrings and the AKUTI (10MM) piercing.

The second combo is made up of gold-plated jewelsel like the BAAT ORO necklace, TALAK ORO, UDAY GOLD and the LAKSHMI GOLD choker, with the ACHINDRA (40MM) GOLD, the AMSHU GOLD earrings and the HALAKON GOLS earring.

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Jewelry with elements of the sea combo

Pierced ears and Ear cuff

Helix, Forward Helix, Tragus, Snug, Rook, Daith… If you love wearing pierced ears and ear cuffs we are sure that these names look familiar to you! Pierced ears is a trend that is nailing it. Perfect to get a casual and chic look!

And finally, here are two beautiful earrings and ear cuffs combos for this spring, one for silver lovers and one for gold lovers!

The Silver combo with the JEEVIKA (20MM) earrings, the DIL earrings, CANDA, VHEL, YATIN and the SITARA (10MM)piercing.

The gold combo with the DHARTI (20MM) GOLD earrings, the JIVANA (10MM) GOLD earrings, AMSHU GOLD earring, CANDA GOLD, ASHWINI GOLD and the KANEE GOLD. Ear Cuff.

We don’t know which one we like the most!

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gold earrings and ear cuff