YIN YANG: Jewelry and its meaning


The Yin Yang is one of the best-known symbols in the world. It has a very special meaning and philosophy behind it; that's why we have some jewelry with this symbol.

According to Chinese mythology, Yin and Yang came into being through the creation of the universe, and both Yin and Yang are believed to exist in harmony at the center of the Earth. By achieving a balance between the two forces during the creation of the universe, the birth of Pangu, the first human, was allowed, and the birth of the first gods of Chinese mythology.

What does Yin Yang mean?

The Yin Yang is a philosophy or belief that explains the existence of two opposite forces that attract each other and are complementary. Both are essential in the universe.

The circle that encompasses the entire Yin Yang symbol represents everything in the universe. This circle is also known as Chi Tai: a circle divided into two sections of two colors: Yin, black, and Yang, white.

The Yin, the black area, is generally associated with the intuitive, ease, the night, the moon, and the river. While Yang, the white area, is associated with logic, the sun, creation, movement, and mountains. These two energies are opposed and interdependent at the same time: one cannot exist without the other. They can be transformed into their opposite and, in turn, complement each other. A small circle of its opposite color appears in each area, showing that nothing is absolute. In each of the opposing forces, there is a small part of the other. In all Yin, there is a part of Yang and vice versa. These two areas are separated in the shape of an S, which represents an endless cycle.

If you feel attracted by this symbology, keep reading and discover our jewelry featuring the Yin-Yang symbol!

Yin Yang rings and necklaces

The AADI NECKLACE is made of 925 Sterling Silver and consists of a fine chain and a pendant with the Yin-Yang symbol. This pendant features two stones of opposite colors: amazonite for the Yin and Turquoise for the Yang.

Are you a ring lover? You are gonna love the AANDALEEB RING! It is a “signet” ring made of 925 Sterling Silver, with the same design as the AADI necklace. It looks very cute if you want to wear it on its own, or you can combine it with other jewels in bluish or green colors. Dare to create your combo and carry with you its deep meaning, reminding you that everything is relative.

Combi anillo yin yang
Combi collar Yin Yang

And that's not all! We have designed two unique Yin Yang-inspired jewels, adding our favorite elements: suns, moons, and stars.

The AADHA NECKLACE is a necklace with two pendants in 925 Sterling Silver. The pendants are divided by the S that separates Yin and Yang. In one of the pendants, you can see the sun, while the other features the moon surrounded by zirconia stars. You can share this pendant with a friend of yours, your partner, or a family member. A necklace for each of you!

The CHANDAN RING shares its design with the AADHA necklace, but the Yin Yang is featured at the center of this signet ring. You are going to love it!

And for those of you who love hoop earrings, the RAJAT EARRINGS are hoops with the same charm as the CHANDAN and AADHA. Just beautiful!

Collar Yin Yang
Anillo Yin Yang
Pendientes de Aro Yin Yang