Colección viaje

Travel collection


Special jewelry for travelers

If you have a traveler heart and soul, you will love this jewelry. Our travel collection will remind you of all the adventures and trips you have experienced in your life.

Discover the world and live unique experiences with our travel collection. It doesn’t matter if you travel near or far, this collection takes you back to moments and places that you loved.

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry with unique designs and natural stones

This jewelry collection is elegant, unique, special and very versatile. When you wear them, you will carry with you an important place or moment of your life.

The entire collection is made of 925 Sterling Silver and carefully handcrafted. Some pieces have gorgeous natural stones such as Larimar, Fuchsia Agate, Scolecite or Brown Sunstone.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with traveler soul

Discover all our jewelry travel collection and choose the piece that you like or the one that reminds you of some special trip. You will love it!

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