• · Outer diameter: 10 mm
  • · Thickness: 0,4 mm
  • · Feather Height: 11,4 mm
  • · Feather Width: 3,7 mm
  • · Feather Thickness: 0,9 mm
  • · Total Height: 22,3 mm
  • · Weight of the pair: 0,3 gr
  • · Included: The pair of earrings.
  • · Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • · On the picture: The earrings of above.
  • · Together with: The JIBI (30mm), AISTRA and MANI earrings. Not included in the price.

Shami Silver Feather Piercing 10mm

The SHAMI piercing (10mm) is the ideal hoop for the helix piercing. It is thin, quite small and it looks great. It is handmade with 925 Sterling Silver.

The SHAMI has a very nice design, it is made up of a fine silver hoop with a little ball on one side and a very simple feather hanging from a small hoop in the center.

We are sure, you will like the SHAMI piercing very much, it will grab the attention of everyone and it will add a special touch to your look.

Handmade - San Saru Handmade
925 Sterling
Silver - San Saru 925 Sterling
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