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Ojo de Horus: joyas y su significado

Eye of Horus: The Jewelry and Its Meaning

The Eye of Horus is a mystical and unique symbol. It is present in some of our jewelry because of its beauty and everything it represents. Do y...

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Piedra Ónix: conoce nuestras piedras naturales

Onyx: Get to know our Natural Stones

Onyx stone is a mineral that we like more and more every day. Its intense and shiny black colour combines superbly with all styles, tastes and j...

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Piedra Howlite: conoce nuestras piedras naturales

Howlite: Get to know our Natural Stones

Howlite Stone is a unique and peculiar mineral. It is characterised by its white or light grey colour with black, brown or grey streaks. We love...

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Colgantes horóscopo con el signo del zodiaco

Horoscope pendants with the sign of the zodiac

Whether you believe in it or not, you probably know your zodiac and the sign that represents you. Wearing your zodiac around your neck, on your wr...

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Curiosidades sobre San Saru

Curiosities about San Saru

How was San Saru born? In 2015 two traveling souls gave life to San Saru. After visiting several countries such as Morocco, Thailand, Cambodia, ...

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Anillos Midi: ¿cómo llevarlos?

Midi rings: how to wear them?

What are Midi Rings? You'll love these half-finger jewelry pieces. Discover different types and sizes of midi rings and find out how to wear them.

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Trucos: cómo limpiar la plata

Tips: how to clean silver

Follow our tips on how to clean silver so that your jewelry is always sparkling. Our tricks are effective and easy!

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Tendencias en joyas para el verano

Jewelry Trends for Summer

Discover the trends in summer jewelry: natural stones, jewelry with marine designs, gold pieces and anklets. Wear your jewelry in summer!

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Joyas para el Día de la Madre

Jewelry for Mother's Day

Surprise your mom with a unique and special gift. Need help choosing the perfect jewel? Don't miss our selection!

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Pendientes ideales según tu peinado

The perfect earrings for your hairstyle

Check out our tips to choose the perfect jewelry for your hairstyle and get easy hairstyle ideas!

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Cumplimos 5 años

We turn five

Five years full of experiences, learning, dreams and unique moments. Will you stay to know the San Saru adventure?

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¿Por qué se ensucian las joyas de Plata de Ley 925?

Why does 925 Sterling Silver jewelry get dark?

The fact that your jewelry tarnishes over time is a natural reaction. Get to know the reasons for the blackened color of silver!

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