Christmas Gift Guide

Have you already thought about what to gift for Christmas? We want to make it easier for you with this Christmas Gift Guide! We have created combos for all tastes and budgets, with beautiful and perfect jewelry to gift.

The best gifts are always the ones that surprise the most. A gift is a language of love that anyone can learn to speak. With these ideas we want to inspire you and help you to get your presents right.

What to gift for Christmas

You may have asked yourself: What can I give my mother, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and even my friends for Christmas? You are hoping to impress that person with your gift. And it's true, we know there are a thousand things to fall in love with... But if you want to exceed all expectations with a timeless detail she have forever, surprise her by giving her a beautiful jewelry piece.

A jewel is a gift with infinite options: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and more. All the shapes, colors and sizes available allow us to adapt every detail to the style and character of the one who receives it. At San Saru we have jewelry for every taste!

We know that there are more and less accessible jewelry pieces. Often, the decision of what to give as a present begins by establishing an approximate price range. That is why we have created several alternatives according to the maximum amount. If you want to get inspired by our combos and get your presents right, just keep reading!

Christmas Gifts for less than 15€

Do you think it is hard to get jewelry for less than 15€? You are wrong! Here is a really nice combination of beautiful jewelry pieces.

In the category of earrings, we have selected the following: JIVAN, JIVANTA, JEEVAN, EBEESE, GEND, VAJRA and USHA. We have chosen these pieces of jewelry for their simple and beautiful designs. These earrings are a wonderful gift that will be very much appreciated.

If you want to make a more original and surprising earring, we recommend you taking a look to our Ear Cuffs. We suggest you our KANEE and QALAMAT. The first one is characterized by its smooth and fine design, while the second one has an engraving of straight lines and triangular shapes. Both can be worn with any outfit or style.

We have also selected two very special rings: KUSH and SAMUD. They are adjustable and you can wear them either on your toes or fingers, do not worry about the size! Also take a look at the VIMAAN, it is a a simple ring and a sure bet.

In the following picture we show you a simple combo with some of the selected jewelry pieces, you’ll see how elegant and versatile they are together. Besides, we have created a category with all jewelry pieces for less than 15€, click on the button to take a look at the collection.

Menos de 15 euros


Christmas Gifts for less than 30€

If your budget is a little higher, take inspiration from the following ideas. Jewelry is a very beautiful and unique gift. No doubt, the person who receives it will feel really special.

We have selected a set of jewelry pieces for all tastes. If you want to give a beautiful necklace as a present, we suggest you the following: on the one hand, we have our chain necklaces with customizable initial, PATRA and ANUK, both very simple and original. We have also chosen several timeless necklaces that are tighter to the neck: the UDAY, BAHUT, ANUK, ADITI and LALIT. Last, if you want to gift a more striking jewelry piece our favorites are MUDRA, JAYA, SAVATI and CHIRAYU. These two last have a beautiful and unique Natural Stone. Everybody likes them!

If you go for regalar one or more than one ring, you can either chose the adjustable rings or some rings with sizes. From the first group we have selected the rings BRAHMA, HARSH and KANU; and from the second group, ISHANVI, LAHAR, LINA, MUD, JAYANTI and SHILA. If you are not sure about the size, we recommend you gift the ones that are adjustable. That way you'll be sure to get it right!

All the chosen rings are simple jewelry pieces that go well with any style and outfits. Besides, you can create your own combo choosing one of these pieces and combining it with a midi ring on your knuckle.

Do you prefer a bracelet? We have selected our ELESH, SAANP, TIGAT, ADAMYA, ACCHODA, TIKA, KANAK, JAFAR. Furthermore, we have chosen two bracelets with Natural Gemstone: SUMANA and INDUMA; the first one with a beautiful Rose Quartz and the second one with a gorgeous Kingman gemstone with a bright turquoise color. All of these jewels are basic, fine and beautiful. They are definitely a safe bet!

Last, we have created a beautiful combination with some of the selected pieces. We love the result and the harmony of the whole! We also have many other jewelry pieces for less than 30€, just click on the following button to see them.

Menos de 30 euros


Christmas gifts for less than 50€

There is nothing more beautiful than an original and authentic jewelry piece. And if there is more than one, like a nice jewelry combo, much better! Do not miss the chance to show that special person how much you care about her, giving her unique jewelry as a present. Every time she wears it, she'll think about you!

If you want your present to be both striking and original, take a look at the necklaces SARISHA, BAHULA, LANGAR and SUNDAR. The first ones are the same, the only difference is their Natural Gemstone: the SARISHA has a White Quartz and the BAHULA a Rose Quartz. All four necklaces have their own personality and a lot of style. You can wear them on their own or combine them with other simpler necklaces or chokers. You'll see they are really versatile and easy-to-combine!

If you prefer to go for one or more rings, we have selected the KUMARI and the LAINEN. The first option stands out for its pink Natural Gemstone. It is a unique accessory for a lifetime! If you prefer something less flashy, the LAINEN is a fine, very elegant ring that goes well with other jewelry pieces. It is perfect to wear on a daily basis.

Last, if you feel like giving a special and different bracelet, we recommend you choosing theMALTI. This bracelet is very eye-catching, it stands out for its original and versatile design. We love it!

And what do you think about the next combo? We use some of the suggested jewelry pices on it, they are really beautiful and easy to match. If you want to see more products for less than 50€, just click on the button:

Menos de 50 euros


Christmas Presents you'll fall in love with

If you do not have an exact or limited budget, here you have a selection of jewelry for you to create beautiful combinations or sets. All of them have a gorgeous design and are very easy to match with other pieces. They are perfect for all tastes!

If you decide to get a ring, our favorites are: HARSH, KANU, BRAHMA, JAYANTI, SHILA, PANEE, ISHANVI, MUD, VIMAAN and LINA. The three first are adjustable rings, which can be adapted to different sizes and fingers. The other rings have specific sizes.

On the next picture, you'll see a nice combo with some of the rings we have chosen. From left to right and from top to bottom: PANEE, MUD, HARSH, JAYANTI and VIMAAN.



If you prefer some beautiful earrings, we recommend: JIVAN, ACHARYA, AGNI, EBEESE, GEND, VAJRA, DHARTI, JIVANTA, USHA and DABLY. Besides, we have created the following combination to inspire you to create your very own and different combos. From top to bottom: earrings AGNI, USHA, EBEESE, ACHARYA and chocker NALIN.


Do you prefer the necklaces? To get your present right, we suggest you these 10 necklaces: PATRA, UDAY, JAYA, ANUK, BAHUT, MUDRA, ADITI, LALIT, CHIRAYU andSAVATI.

On the following picture we suggest you a combination with some of the necklaces, they look really elegant and they match great together. From top to bottom: BAHUT, ADITI, LALIT and CHIRAYU.



Last, here you can see our selection of bracelets to fall in love and succeed: ELESH, SAANP, TIGAT, ADAMYA, ACCHODA, TIKA, KANAK, JAFAR, SUMANA and INDUMA.

And on top, we suggest you the following combo to create a very special combo. What do you think? No doubt, it is very eye-catching. From left to right, we have selected: the bracelets JAFAR, ACCHODA, KANAK, SAANP, SUMANA and ELESH.



If you need more help to choose the perfect Christmas Gift, keep in mind that you can always write us to, or even on Whatsapp to + 34 644 298 331, or send us a direct message on Instagram (@sansarushop). We'll help and advise you with anything you need. We are here to help you finding that very special detail!

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