Christmas gift guide


Don't you know what to give this Christmas? Discover our christmas gift guide and find the perfect gift! We have prepared combis for all tastes and budgets, with jewels that will make you fall in love.

Giving is a language of love that anyone can learn to speak. With these little ideas we want to inspire you and help you surprise that special someone.

What to give at Christmas 

Every Christmas we want to find the perfect gift and we always want it to be something unique and special. It is true, there are a thousand little things to fall in love with ... But if you want to exceed all expectations, surprise by giving a beautiful jewel of San Saru.

A jewel is a very special gift. Its beauty, value and quality causes a special sparkle in the eyes of the person who receives it. In addition, you have an infinite number of options: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and more. In San Saru we have jewels that will make you fall in love!

Often times, the decision of what to give begins with establishing a rough price range. For that reason, we have created several alternatives ordered according to their maximum amount. If you want to be inspired by our combis and get your gifts right, keep reading!

Christmas gifts for less than 15€

Do you think it is impossible to give jewels for less than 15€? You're wrong! Here we show you a super beautiful combination with different San Saru jewels.

In the category of slopes, our selection has been the following: GEND, the GARAJ, the YATIN, the SUNILA, the TALIT, the JIVANA, the JEEVAN and the EBEESE We guarantee that with this combination you will be successful! They are jewels that fall in love with their beauty and elegance.

If you want to make a more original and daring gift, we recommend you visit our section of Ear cuffs. We recommend the THRE, the DAMA and the DHAARI, all three are precious.

Ring lover? The midi rings They are essential in jewelers and will give a unique touch to any look. Our selection are: the ring SAMUD, KALINDA, ANK Y VIMAAN.

If you prefer to play it safe, The chain ROLO It is super-thin and combinable, so you can wear it every day or on special occasions.

In the following image we propose a simple combi with some of the selected jewels, together they are super elegant and the general style is very versatile. We have also created a category with all the jewels for an amount less than 15€, do click in the button that we indicate below to see more. 

Menos de 15 euros


Christmas gifts for less than 30€

If your budget is a little higher, get inspired by the following proposals. Jewelry is a super attractive and unique gift. Without a doubt, the person who receives them will feel special.

If you want give a nice gift necklace, we propose the following: on the one hand, we highlight our necklaces with customizable initials, PATRA Y ANUK, both super elegant. Also, if you want to bet on a jewel with more personality, we have chosen several striking and very elegant necklaces: BAHUT, NALIN, MUDRA, KANTA, SHARAN, LUN, SAVATI Y ISAR.

If you decide for give one or more rings, you can choose between the adjustable ones or the rings with size. From the first group we have selected the BRAHMA, TANIKA Y KANU; and from the second group, the PANNE, AUSAT, SHILA, LINA, LAHAR Y OISHI. If you do not know the exact size, we recommend giving those that can be adapted to each measure or size. That way you will be sure!

All the rings chosen are simple jewels that look great in different styles and looks. In addition, you can also make your own outfit by choosing one of these pieces and combining it with a midi for half a finger. 

Do you prefer a bracelet? Our selection has been the ELESH, the SAANP, the TIGAT, the ADAMYA, the ACCHODA, the TIKA, the KANAK, the JAFAR. In addition, we have chosen two bracelets with Natural Stone: the SAHANA and the NIRAJ; the first has a natural Jade stone and the second a beautiful Moonstone. All these jewels are characterized by being simple, beautiful and fine. They are a safe bet!

Finally, we have created a nice combi with some of the selected products. We love the result and the harmony of the whole! We also have many other jewels for an amount less than 30€, do click in the next button and discover them

Gifts for less than 30€


Christmas gifts for less than 50€

Don't miss the opportunity to show that special person how much you love them by giving them unique jewels. Every time he wears them he will remember you!

If you want your gift to stand out for its beauty, we propose some of our necklaces favorites SUNDAR, KUNTI, LANGAR Y SARISHA. All our necklaces have their own personality and a lot of style. They can be worn alone or combined with other chokers or chokers more simple. You will see that they have a lot of play and they look great! 

A gem that usually falls in love with are rings, you can surprise with one or a complete combination. To make it easier for you, we have selected a few: the ring NARSI, SUPIYA, TEJANANDA Y VASA . If you want something more discreet, the LAINEN, NESAR Y MARUT It is a thin and elegant ring that combines perfectly with other pieces. It is ideal for daily wear

And what do you think of the following combi? In it we use some of the proposed jewels, they are super beautiful and combine very well. If you want to find more products for less than 50€, click click on the button

Menos de 50 euros


Christmas gifts to fall in love with

If you do not have an exact or limited budget, we propose the following selection of jewels so that you can create your combis or sets. All of them have a very beautiful and combinable design. Ideal for all tastes!

Gift a ring It is an option with which you will never fail, they have a lot of soul and personality. You can choose one or do a complete combination. You are sure to love it!

In the following image you will see a nice combi with some of the rings that we have chosen. From left to right and top to bottom: DAUD, ETNIS (MIDI), VIMAAN (MIDI), HARSH, KEVAL Y VIMANN.




If you prefer give away some beautiful earrings we have created the following set to inspire you to create your own unique and different combis. Top to bottom: Piercing TIYA, pending ARYAMBHANU Y RAMANA.



Do you like necklaces better? In order not to fail in your gift, we suggest this combination with some of the necklaces, they are super elegant and they combine great with each other. From top to bottom: ABHILASHA, LIPIKA Y KAMINI




Finally, we leave you the following combination of bracelets to fall in love and succeed. What do you think? Without a doubt, it draws a lot of attention. From left to right we have: NIYATI, the FALAKA, the SAANP, the LOTO and the JITENDRA .




Horoscope signs are a trend that has been gaining strength. You are sure to love having one little gem with your zodiac sign. Do you know which horoscope it belongs to? It is very easy to know! With his date of birth, you can find out what his sign is and surprise him with the most mystical necklace of Saint Saru.

If you want to create a perfect combination with these beautiful jewels, take inspiration from the set we have created. Top to bottom: Collar MUDRA, CHIRAYU Y MAKARA



If you need more help choosing the perfect Christmas gift, remember that you can write to us at, send us a WhatsApp at + 34 644 298 331, or send us a direct message on Instagram (@sansarushop). We will help and advise you in everything you need. We want to help you find that special detail!