Labradorite stone: Get to know our natural stones



Labradorite stone is a unique mineral, it displays different tones depending on the light or according to the cut of the stone. The tones can change between green-blueish, grey, brown or even white. Labradorite is a super special and original stone, perfect to wear on its own.

Labradorite stone was first found in the Labrador Peninsula, Canada, in 1770, which is where it got its name. Deposits of this precious stone are also found in Madagascar, Brazil, China, Australia, USA, Russia and Canada.

Which attributes are given to Labradorite Stone?

Labradorite is a gemstone perfect to use on your jewelry pieces. It is also believed to be highly mystical and protective, often used as an amulet. It is considered to act as a barrier against negative energies, stress or tension.

It is also believed that it stimulates intuition and imagination, reduces fears and insecurities, and strengthens self-esteem and self-confidence at the same time.

Which Labradorite Jewelry pieces are our favorites?

Its different shades make Labradorite stone a surprising and unique stone. Its spectacular quality, and the different tones and brightness that gives us make that no stone is the same, so you will wear a unique jewel. Check-out some of our jewels with labradorite stone!

Bracelet, ring and necklace with labradorite stone

Our labradorite stone necklace can be the spotlight of your outfit because it shines by itself, but you can also combine it with thin necklaces or short chokers.

When it comes to rings with Labradorite, the Keval ring is on our must-have list. You can combine it with different shaped rings, but wearing it on its own is also a sure hit!

The Falak bracelet is so beautiful. It looks great with a Bali bangle, we absolutely love it!

Collar Disha Piedra Labradorita

925 Sterling Silver


Anillo con Labradorita

925 Sterling Silver


Pulsera con Labradorita de Plata de Ley

925 Sterling Silver


Earrings with Labradorite

Earrings with Labradorite are a must! We have one model in 925 Sterling Silver: the EARRING ISHWAR with an elongated shape.

Combi earrings with labradorite stone
Combi pendientes labradorita

Here you have some combos with Labradorite so you can show this unique and special stone all out! And if you are a gold lover, don’t worry, soon there will be new gold arrivals with Labradorite stone.

Combi anillos con Labradorita
Combi collar con labradorita
Combi Pendientes con labradorita