Why does 925 Sterling Silver jewelry get dark?

It is a natural reaction for your jewelry to tarnish over time. The blackened color of this metal indicates, precisely, that our jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver.

925 Sterling Silver darkens due to daily use, as well as for other reasons. One of the most common reasons is the use of products such as perfumes, shampoos or gels. It may also react immediately with corrosive or cleaning products.

In addition, this metal can also become contaminated by reacting with small particles in the air, such as sulphur found in the atmosphere in the form of sulphide or hydrogen sulphide. And as an intersting fact! Silver is not darkened by "oxidation" (since it is a noble metal and cannot be oxidized), but it acquires that color by "sulfidation".

Another factor to consider is the PH of our skin. If it tends to be acidic, there is more chance that the silver will turn black. That explains why your jewelry can tarnish faster than the jewelry of other people. It depends on the acidity of your skin.

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And by the way, piercings may get dirty before any other jewelry piece. This is because they are often placed in holes in sensitive areas that are difficult to heal (for example, in the ear helix). Specifically, they can take up to two years to heal completely. Moreover, once they have healed, it is common for them to open up and ooze again. And this causes the PH of the area to change, reacting with the silver and altering its color.

Nevertheless, we will always recommend you to wear and enjoy your jewelry. 925 Sterling Silver can be cleaned and made shiny again! And if your jewelry tarnishes, we encourage you to try the methods we recommend on How to clean 925 Sterling Silver?. You'll see how shiny your jewelry becomes again!