Los tres monos sabios: símbolo de San Saru

The three wise monkeys: symbol of San Saru

Significado de los Tres Monos Sabios

The three wise monkeys are the symbol of San Saru because of their meaning and the values they transmit. When we discovered this "figure" in Asia we fell in love with its message and what it represents. That is why from the first day it was clear to us that we wanted San Saru to be born under this premise.

The symbol of the three wise monkeys is also known as “the three mystical monkeys”. Our name, San Saru, also matches this figure, as in Japanese it’s called “San Saru” (三猿). It’s a figure in which appears the three monkeys: Mizaru covering his eyes, Kikazaru covering his ears and Izawaru covering his mouth.


It is said that the meaning of the three wise monkeys comes from a proverb of the Confucius’s writings, which says “"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". However, the first representation with the monkeys was in 1636, in the Toshogu sanctuary, in Nikko, a mountain village North of Tokyo.

The figure is represented by the three monkeys; Mizaru (見猿), Kikazaru (聞か猿) and Iwazaru (言わ猿), which in Japanese means "not to see, not to hear, not to speak". The history of this symbol transmits a meaning that lasts over time, has crossed borders, defeated time and weathered many cultures.

The doctrine of the three wise monkeys helps us to grow up as human beings, to understand that we can control what we want to see and hear, and what we want to say, so it recommends us to “focus on the positive things, listen to the positive words and speak to others with respect".


Izawaru is the monkey who is covering its mouth. It tells us that we don’t have to say hurtful words to people, we just need to know how to express what we feel with love and kindness and without stepping on others.


Mizaru, the monkey who is covering its eyes. It tells us that we don’t have to see or pay attention to those things that don't help us to grow or can hurt us. Every day is full of positive and negative things, Mizaru teaches us that we have to focus on the positive ones.


Kikazaru is the monkey who is covering its ears. We don’t have to listen to comments that can destroy us and put us in a negative mood. We should only listen to the messages that bring us positive vibes, that can help us to progress and grow up as human beings.

The three wise monkeys in San Saru

We wanted to focus on the positive side and to give the message a twist by adding a personal touch: “see the good, hear the good and speak the good”. This is the core of our values, and all of our actions are made according to this premise.

We always try to focus  on the positive side in every situation we live. Whenever we find ourselves in an unexpected situation, we always focus on the good things and try to visualize a solution from a positive and optimistic point of view.

We listen to the messages that really can help us to keep growing. Both the team and our customers always listen to the positive messages that help us keep moving; we accept them and use to improve every day.

We speak, always from our heart with love and respect. We give back to others all the good they bring to us and focus on those things that makes us better, both as human beings and as a company.


In February 2021 we celebrated our sixth anniversary and, because of that, we created our first jewel where the three wise monkeys are represented as a symbol: the "Ragheb" necklace.

The San Saru Family “sees the good, hears the good and speaks the good”, and we wanted this special meaning to remain by being represented in this necklace. Is not just about the symbol but also about the message we added to the piece, “Dream Big”, so we never forget to pursue our goals. Dream big and put intention in achieving what you want; fight for it with feeling, heart and soul, just with positive thoughts, so that everything flows and you get what you intend.

If you also feel to be represented for these values of the three wise monkeys and you want to keep it with you all the time, you can’t miss this special jewel in your jewellery box. This beautiful necklace has a simple design and allows to create wonderful combinations with other jewels. We’ll show you two combinations you’ll love.

The first combination matches the RAGHEB Necklace with the gemstone BINDU Necklace, the VAYU chain, and the UDAY Necklace.

In the second photo we can see the RAGHEB Necklace and NALIN choker with the JAYA Necklace.

Which one do you prefer?

Combi collar Tres Monos Sabios
Combi collares Tres Monos Sabios

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