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  • WARNING!!: The stones of these necklaces may be slightly different from the photograph. They are made with Aquamarine, Amazonite, Turquoise, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Ruby, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Chrysocolla, Opal, Rhodochrosite, and Blue Chalcedony. These natural materials can vary slightly in color and be different from one necklace to another.
  • Chain size: Adjustable chain: 41 cm with 5 cm extender, total 46 cm.
  • Chain thickness: 1.2mm
  • Mesa - Aries: Ruby, Height (7.6mm), Width (12.2mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Vrsabha - Taurus: Rose Quartz, Height (11.6mm) , Width (9.3mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Mithuna - Gemini: Blue Chalcedony, Height (7.5mm), Width (14.5mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Karka - Cancer: Moonstone, Height (8.3mm), Width (13mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Simha - Leo: Blue Topaz, Height (10mm), Width (10.6mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Kania - Virgo: Amazonite , Height (9.3mm), Width (16.7mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Tula - Libra: Opal, Height (8.8mm), Width (13mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Vrishika - Scorpio : ro Dochrosite, Height (8.8mm), Width (18.7mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Dhanus - Sagittarius: Chrysocolla, Height (11.7mm), Width (16.3mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Makara - Capricorn: Turquoise, Height (8.6mm), Width (13.4mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Kumbha - Aquarius: Amethyst, Height (6mm), Width (12.1mm), Thickness (1mm)" , "Mine - Pisces: Aquamarine, Height (11mm), Width (10.5mm), Thickness (1mm)
  • Stone diameter: 4.2 mm
  • Material: 22-carat gold plated 925 Sterling Silver and 2 microns thick.
  • The price only includes the selected Zodiac PATHAREE GOLD necklace. Others not included.

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Zodiac necklace with stones Patharee

The PATHAREE zodiac is a 22-carat gold-plated 925 Sterling Silver necklace. It is perfect for horoscope lovers looking for an original and eye-catching necklace.

Each necklace has a unique design: it is formed by the silhouette of your zodiac sign next to the stone that most empowers it.

Discover your zodiac necklace stone:

Aries Necklace (Mesa): Ruby. A stone characterized by an intense garnet and reddish color.

Taurus necklace (Vrsabha): Rose quartz. A stone with a soft and light pink tone.

Gemini Necklace (Mithuna): Blue Chalcedony. Has an elegant crystalline hue.

Cancer Necklace (Karka): Moonstone. Stands out for its clear and white hue with bluish reflections.

Leo (Simha) Necklace: Blue Topaz. A stone with light blue colors.

Virgo Necklace (Kania): Amazonite. It has intense green and bluish tones.

Libra Necklace (Tula): Opal. A stone that changes its hue depending on the light it is exposed to.

Scorpio Necklace (Vrishika): Rhodochrosite. A stone that stands out for its reddish-pink tone.

Sagittarius Necklace (Dhanus): Chrysocolla. Stands out for its very characteristic blue-green color.

Capricorn Necklace (Makara): Turquoise. The name of the stone says it all!

Aquarius Necklace (Kumbha): Amethyst. A bold stone due to its violet hue.

Pisces Necklace (Mina): Aquamarine. It has a beautiful greenish-blue color.

Find out what each stone brings to the table for your sign on our zodiac blog!